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Discover Hoa Binh, a wonderful place must visit in the North Vietnam

Whatever is the season of the year, Hoa Binh and the beauty in it most splendid, most subtle. The stop that you can not ignore in any journey back to Mai Chau, Hoa Binh is beautiful. Natural picture of Mai Chau are drawn between the grandeur of the wild mountains and hidden behind a beauty

South Vietnam itinerary

Ho Chi Minh City

Notice the inversion between the urban and rustic regions of Vietnam while taking in highlights of culture of the South Vietnam. Spend a morning walk to negotiate the winding streets of Ho Chi Minh City, make a sedate visit to the War Remnants Museum which presents a history of Vietnam in a bare bones way

Top 3 places to visit in South Vietnam

Floating market is one of the most impressive experiences in Mekong Delta

Located on the coast of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is plenty of beautiful attractions and amazing tourist destinations to visit and experience. Specially, a tour to South Vietnam is an indispensable experience for almost tourists traveling to Vietnam. Below are top 3 places to visit in South Vietnam you should try in your next trip to

Enjoy fresh gourmet dishes in Ly Son island, Vietnam

Seaweed salad

Ly Son island you can not only admire the unspoiled natural scenery beautiful, but also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh gourmet dishes by processing people here. Tours Indochina Vietnam Seaweed Salad One of the specialties of the island of Ly Son, if one has enjoyed the past, quite unforgettable flavor of seaweed salad here.