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Experience squid fishing trip on Halong Bay

Sightseeing on Halong Bay

Previously, to get experience night squid fishing, one must be very difficult and costly. But now, night squid fishing has become a service with a private tour and you can easily do that any day of the week (if favorable weather conditions). Squid fishing season usually ranges from April to July. This is the time to inshore squid

Transport from the airport in Hanoi to Halong bay

Halong bay

Owning a diverse and complex topography including mountains, valleys, coastal and island regions in Halong, is one of the land’s oldest history in Vietnam. With the geological values, culture, history that has created a fascinating destination with the sights. Jasmine cruise halong bay Currently, the road from Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) to Halong bay is very

Danang travel tips

My Khe beach

Like other people, when coming to Danang for the first, you might always wonder where to go, what to do, where to go, what to eat in this city and where to stay at night. How to have the best trip, but save time and money should be the most important question. If you want

Floating village in Halong Bay

Floating village in Halong Bay

Traditionally, every boat in the floating village is a separate household, although the raft, boat always serve more than one function It is a home, a vehicle, and a source of income Item thousands of visitors see the villages while traveling in Halong Bay; .. Unique traditional lifestyle of the villagers is a unique component

An interesting day on Cat Ba island

Bungalow- a unique kind of accommodation on Cat Ba island

Vietnam is a wonderful destination which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. It is very well- known for unique natural landscapes, winding rivers, green fields, traditional villages and unique structures. If you are embarrassed at choosing an arrival in this country, Cat Ba island- Halong Bay luxury cruise can be a good choice. Being named

European restaurants in Phnom Penh

La Plaza

Not only having matured, the dining scene in Phnom Penh also has recently become much more sophisticated. Phnom Penh can satisfy all budgets and tastes thanks to a large number of excellent dining venues ranging from Khmer budget noodle shops and French restaurants, to American-style bar and contemporary European cafés and delis. And for those

Explore Crazy House in Dalat

The excitement of tourists when exploring Crazy House

For many tourists, mentioning Dalat means mentioning to the peace and quietness because this city is very famous for natural beautiful landscapes such as Tuyen Lam Lake, Xuan Huong Lake, and so on. Moreover, for many recent years, there is a unique structure in Dalat which attracts a lot of tourists coming here. It called