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Cycling in the Old Quarter- the best way to explore Hanoi

Ready to discover Hanoi by bike

There are many ways to explore Hanoi. If you’re an active person, the motorbike will give to you a strong feeling. But in the first time I sat my bike here, I felt fall in love immediately with Hanoi, especially The Old Quarter. And I realize discovering the ancient charm of the Old Quarter by

One Perfect Day: A Morning In Coto Island

The poetic beauty of Coto’s road of love

A morning in Coto Island is special, especially when people can become one with nature and immerse themselves in the quiet yet charming atmosphere. Hit this pure place for the epic views in the early morning, when it’s an ideal time for an easy and refreshing walk to the beach. Don’t skip a beautiful sunrise

Attractive Destinations Must Check-In When Traveling To Quang Ninh

The beautiful time in Binh Lieu with golden terracesThe beautiful time in Binh Lieu with golden terraces

Not only Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh has a myriad of alluring destinations attracts travelers. Attractive Destinations Must Check-In When Traveling To Quang Ninh will take you to beautiful natural spots that you do not want to miss. Halong Bay junk is located in Quang Ninh Binh Lieu Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in

The kind seaplane experience in Vietnam

A package tour in Halong

Going by seaplanes, you will get an absolutely unique experience compared to any other means of transports. Only with Hai Au’s seaplane can passengers get a chance to enjoy the splendid aerial views over the countryside and be surprised by the thrill of water landing that have lured any savvy travelers from all around the

Activities to do in a relaxing Halong Bay cruise


Not only the scene and sights, Halong Bay cruise has so much more to offer. While being at sea, you always have some things to enjoy from kayaking around the myriad of islets and grottos to having a really romantic candlelit dinner in a cave.Tai Chi Exercises The perfect way to start your new day

Halong Bay Islands For A Big Escape

Bo Hon, one of the most good-looking Halong Bay Islands you must see with own eyes

People from four corners of the world love to visit Halong Bay cruise for an up-close look at its most fantastic limestone karsts and islets. Each of them has a unique shape attached to the name and also amazing tale behind. Discover the North of Vietnam your way with an epic visit to the most

Where to stay in Nha Trang beach city

Good view to the sea of Vivid Seaside Homestay Nha TrangGood view to the sea of Vivid Seaside Homestay Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city in Vietnam which can attract a lot of tourists because of its wonderful natural landscapes. Coming here, you can see many things amazing such as endless sandbank, blue and clear beach, unique coconut lines and so on. Choosing to visit Nha Trang willl bring you many interesting experience.

Top seafood you should try in Da Nang

Steamed Chip Chip

After a long day of sightseeing, swimming, when afternoon comes, cool wind blowing from blue sea would soothe hot sun and make people feel comfortable to enjoy delicious seafood in Da Nang. Snail, roasted crab with tamarind, oyster porridge,… are the top seafood in must-try list. You can see more: Signature Cruises Snails (Oc) It must

Where to go to complete your Halong Bay holiday

Ba Mun Island (Đảo Ba Mùn)

Thanks to its proximity to international gateways, cultural and historical connections, abundant scenic beauty, geological and archeological significance, Halong Bay, which is one of Mother Earth’s most amazing natural wonders, is one of Vietnam’s most prized treasures and one of Vietnam’s most popular places to go. Jasmine cruise halong Cong Tay Island (Đảo Cống Tây)