Activities to enjoy in Halong Bay

Activities to enjoy in Halong Bay

Cycling on Cat Ba Island

With rock formations, each of which is unique to itself, Halong Bay is a dreaming destination for photographers. Various choices of where to stop, each stop is a guaranteed stunning one are now offered by tour companies. Swimming, snorkeling, cycling, trekking and kayaking are some of the most popular activities in Halong Bay making it a paradise for active people. Indochina Sails cruise halong

Sleeping On Board

Sleeping on board

Sleeping on board- source: internet

Though sleeping on board is not the only choice to spend a night in Halong Bay, it is the best advice for both experienced visitors and newcomers. Whatever boat you are on, from diesel-powered junks to higher standard cruisers, you will see the bay closer up and in quite a unique way. Keep in mind that the junks, which are less expensive compared to cruisers, are often small and do not go smoothly. Choose the boat that is suitable for your budget and style and stay on it for a few nights. Alova cruise halong bay

Swimming and Sunbathing

Swimming in Halong Bay

Swimming in Halong Bay- source: internet

Among thousands of limestone islands and grottoes in Halong Bay are uncountable places to make a stop for fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming when cruising around. With easily remembered names like Cat Co One, Cat Co Two and Cat Co Three, there are a few stunning beaches on famous Cat Ba Island where you can relax. Rising out of the bay, the splendid scenery of sheer mountain cliffs creates a great backdrop to water sports.

Trekking and cycling on Cat Ba Island

Cycling on Cat Ba Island

Cycling on Cat Ba Island- source: internet

With a lot of rare animals to see, including golden-headed langur monkeys and green and hawksbill turtles, Cat Ba Island is best discovered by trekking. There are various trek routes for you to choose from and it is an impressive experience no matter what route you choose. Cycling around the local villages is also another good way to enjoy a visit to Cat Ba.


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