Admire the autumn morning in Hanoi

Admire the autumn morning in Hanoi

Gorgeous and photogenic sunlight in the autumn morning
From many years ago, Hanoi’s autumn has gone very naturally to a lot of poetic poems and love songs. The artists love to bring Hanoi’s autumn in their own words. Not only for Hanoians, but also for everyone who had a chance to visit Hanoi or even known by mass media previously, Hanoi is still an important part what they didn’t hesitate to praise its romantic beauty through a lot of unforgettable memories in the past. For many generations living here, Hanoi in the autumn appears so elegant, looks like a pretty girl with a long hair, white skin, put on a beautiful traditional dress and deep in thought.  Tours Vietnam and Indochina

Hanoi’s Autumn looks like a beautiful girl

Hanoi’s Autumn looks like a beautiful girl- source: internet

Hanoi has four different seasons in the year, but autumn in Hanoi is always absolutely the most beautiful and emotional period of time. Mentioning the autumn morning in Hanoi, if you can wake up early enough, let’s take a bike riding one round Hanoi. Along the beautiful streets to the smalls corners, Hanoi attracts people by its specially smell from milk trees. The cool winds start to blow and the yellow leaves is falling down to be scattered on the roads. From the window of the neighbor’s upstairs, along the beautiful streets to small corners, the yellow leaves make Hanoi’s autumn so unique and impressive. People loves taking some photos with yellow leaves on your own thanks to its colorful changing. Someone told me that: if you don’t take a photo with Hanoi’s autumn, you can not experience 100 percent of its beauty. If you stay in a hotel near to West Lake, I would say that you’re lucky enough. For locals living here, West Lake is the first place the autumn coming. Riding a bike around the lake in the morning, you will feel clearly the cool feeling of the autumn’s weather. Cambodia Discovery

 Yellow leaves scatter on the roads

Yellow leaves scatter on the roads- source: internet

Another lake in Hanoi you can not miss when autumn coming is Hoan Kiem Lake. Hoan Kiem Lake is not only well-known by its historical story but also an attractive tourist destination, especially in autumn. Walking around the lake in the early morning, when the cool winds thread its way through each leave, look for a seat for yourself to listen to national voice radio of Hanoi. Hanoi’s morning in front of you is so gentle, peaceful and definitely quiet. While the old people are doing yoga, young people ride a bike or running around but sometime, you will see someone only sit on the bench, enjoy fresh air and admire the stunning beauty of the old trees in the autumn season. In this cool weather, nothing is worth more than having a bowl of hot Vietnamese noodles and shoot the breeze with your friends. online travel vietnam

The children are enjoying the autum morning in the lake

The children are enjoying the autum morning in the lake- source: internet

In the autumn morning, the sunlight is not as strong as in the summer. Saying goodbye to a hot weather of the summer, it is definitely lovely when see the very first gentle sunlight through foliage of the big trees along the streets. For everyone comes to Hanoi, autumn has left so much strong impression on their mind. Look at gorgeous and photogenic sunlight, all troubles seem to disappear. Along some streets in the morning, there are many kinds of flowers in Hanoi’s autumn which are sold on the simple vendor’s bicycles by old women. For Hanoians, buying flowers in that way has become a familiar routine when the autumn is coming. I don’t know exactly when it happened in the past but when moving on Hanoi’s streets, the image of women with a bunch of flowers behind the bike has come an unforgettable memory of many people.

Gorgeous and photogenic sunlight in the autumn morning

Gorgeous and photogenic sunlight in the autumn morning- source: internet

Hanoi’s autumn morning looks like a sudden moment reminding people of their  memories. For Hanoians, it is an essential part in their lives. For tourists, it is definitely a beautiful picture they want to take when visiting Hanoi. If missing this moment, it is absolutely your mistake. In this time, the autumn is coming soon, don’t hesitant to book a Hanoi tour in order to check it out to enjoy yourself.

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