Awesome exotic hotpots in Hanoi

Awesome exotic hotpots in Hanoi

Pigeon hotpot

Travelers coming to Vietnam will have a great chance to gather up around a steaming hotpot – a favorite of locals in the biting cold of Hanoi winter. Besides the most common types of hotpot such as chicken and beef some of the more awesome and special exotic types will also offer an absolutely different taste of Hanoi. Indochina travel

Pigeon hotpot in Hoe Nhai Street

Pigeon hotpot

Pigeon hotpot-source: Internet

The pigeon hotpot makes Nam Duong Tuu Quan more famous rather than a selection of home-made liquors. What is very untypical for local pubs that are often crowded with overzealous male bingers is that a good number of patrons at 21 Hoe Nhai is female, as one may soon notice. The birds are what they do come for!

Its broth of very liquid porridge, which has been long boiled with some birds earlier, is the outstanding feature of pigeon hotpot. Porridge, which is not used by most other hotpots, only makes for two birds with one stone. What makes one want to swim in all that goodness is the hot steamy rice soup that has extracted that sweet essence of the white tender meat, together with marrow, blended in all the sense-awakening glory of many types of vegetable, mushroom and herb. That poke fun of the noses when the boiling bubbles appear cannot hold out far enough but makes you at least want to gulp down all of them! A pot costing 350,000VND may be enough for a group of four diners.

Snail hotpot in Truong Chinh Street

Snail hotpot

Snail hotpot-source: Internet

The street stall off Truong Chinh avenue, in little Khuong Thuong alley, has been a popular gathering place for those who want to try the exotic pot for over 40 years when bombs still fly over both snails and men!

In addition to the intriguingly sour and hot broth, some very interesting ingredients are also included in the snail hotpot. There are snails together with something made from the crawling creature including: roll, wonton and dumpling. The hotpot also witnesses the attendance of pork belly slices, unripe banana and locally typical fried tofu. They harmoniously combine to create an unmistakable cuisine of craving taste and beautiful aroma that you can find nowhere else. It is suitable for four of you to go for a pot costing about 300,000VND. Dragon Pearl cruises

Mudskipper hotpot in Van Cao Street

The fish, indeed the hotpot has only recently made way into the northern dining table although they are rather common in the south. Mudskipper hotpot is rare to come by in Hanoi, and thus fairly strange to some although it has a stable devoted fan base. Mrs. Sau’s Hotpot, at 65 Van Cao is one of the few restaurants that serve this dish.

Sliced banana flower, water spinach and water hyssop

Sliced banana flower, water spinach and water hyssop-source: Internet

The presence of the exclusive river leaves, which add a lightly bitter yet strangely aromatic taste, is the distinguished feature of mudskipper hotpot. A sour and mouth-watering sweet mix creates its broth. Although rather small, the mudskippers themselves have very tender meat and soft texture. What makes for a compelling crave is fish nicely soaked up with broth nicely. Sliced banana flower and water hyssop are the must-have vegetables that come with this hotpot. Another nice addition is water spinach.

Especially when the fact that it barely serves 2 persons each comes into account, a 350,000VND steaming pot is fairly pricey.

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