BBQ party on beach – the most fascinating experience on Co To Island

BBQ party on beach – the most fascinating experience on Co To Island

BBQ party on the beach
In spite of its lack of tourism services for tourists, Co To Island has recently spontaneously attracted young backpackers for the clean and pure beach like jade green sea. Co To, which appears with its wild beauty, will be the best choice for those who want to immerse in the peaceful life on the island and enjoy a getaway holiday. To get more information, you can click: Dragon Pearl Junk halong
How you can get to Co To Island

The peaceful beauty of Co To

The peaceful beauty of Co To- source: internet

The solar-powered Co To lighthouse on the peak of a mountain not too far from the town is a destination which no one should miss to visit. With rough stones, the pathway from the base to the light house is deserted and hard to negotiate. From this lighthouse balcony, you can get a gorgeous panoramic view of the horizon as well as the great mountains.

The Bac Van military port, around a 20-minute ride from the lighthouse is another place of interest. Bac Van Beach is really famous for a large number of kinds of coral reefs that Vietnamese authorities are trying their best to protect.

BBQ party on the beach – an unforgettable experience on Co To Island

BBQ party on the beach

BBQ party on the beach-source: internet

Though there are a couple of small hotels and guesthouses on Co To Island with different prices varying from VND 200,000 to 500,000 to choose from, camping on the beach is such a great idea if you travel in groups and want to discover Co To beach at night and immerse in the very fresh air as well as participate in many interesting beach games. halong bay luxury cruise

After admiring the jaw-dropping sunset view of Co To Island, enjoying both seas and sky in the shade of romantic purple on Hong Van beach – an untouched beauty at sunset right in front of your own eyes, it’s time to have an exciting BBQ party on the beach!

Camping on Co To Island will definitely give you a brand new and once-of-a-lifetime experience. However, to have the best experience ever, you should get up early to visit local market and buy many of plenty of Co To’s seafood specialties such as: Cu Ki, Sa Sung, shrimp, squid, Tu Hai, Lobsters, Urchin, oyster, etc. and then bring it to the beach. With these fresh ingredients, you will have an awesome BBQ party on the beach.

Best beach for BBQ party

Dishes to enjoy on Co To Island

Dishes to enjoy on Co To Island- source: internet

Perfect for a promenade on the sea and watching the moonlight, Nam Hai beach – a famous beach of Co To is the most popular choice among travelers, who want to enjoy BBQ on the beach – one of the most fascinating Co To Island activities. Just enjoy mouthwatering barbecue prepared and cooked by you and your family, sipping on a cold drink while listening to the sea waves constantly slapping the shore.


Unfortunately, non-Vietnamese travelers are required a permit to visit, which must be procured before traveling, because of the military presence on Co To Island. If you travel independently, it is wise to contact one of the reputable travel agencies in Hanoi or a hotel on the island to help you issue the permit.

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