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Best shopping streets of Hanoi Old Quarter

Ta Hien Street

May be not a fashion center, Hanoi has plenty of places to shop where you can buy stock of trendy to basic clothing but with very reasonable price tag. In spite of the diversity, it is advisable to check them out before you go to Hanoi, especially if you want to purchase your clothes in the Old Quarter. Indochina tours in Vietnam

Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street – source:

Although the upbeat and crowded Ta Hien Street is extremely famous for its busy bars and crazy pubs scenes, it is an ideal spot for your shopping. Here, you can find various clothing shops opening up to 11 pm daily. A large proportion of the shops here sell similar stocks with basic clothing pieces that are a 100% knock-off of fast fashion brands, you can choose whichever store bringing you the most comfortable feeling and comparing the price before buying is essential. The most uncomfortable point is that they are very crowded at times and because of tiny changing room, you may have to share with others.

Hang Da Street

Hang Da Market

Hang Da Market – source:

Hang Da has a good mix of knock-offs, authentic and local brands, for those who want variety, this is an ideal place. Depending on the type of stock they carry, price range can range significantly from $10 to $70. However, judge on the fabric quality to make a decision if the price is right is always advisable. Some authentic pieces, coming from fast fashion labels can change from $30 to $50 while local brands are usually more expensive with up to an amount of $70.

Chan Cam alley

Frontispiece of a shop

Frontispiece of a shop – source:

Having a wide option of tiny stores and boutiques that carry from cheap Chinese made clothing pieces to local high fashion designers, Chan Cam alley is a place where you can see the common minimalism in all these boutiques. Despite these small in size stocks and the unavailability of pieces, this is still a well known shopping place for trendy Hanoians. A little bit of bargain can only help reduce the price a little but not much because prices here are usually not fixed.

Ly Quoc Su Street

Ly Quoc Su Street

Ly Quoc Su Street – source:

Before heading off to many other locations such as Sapa or Ninh Binh, many travelers make a stop at Hanoi. It is common that they will get some sport wear update that can easily be found on Ly Quoc Su Street, the street having many shops selling jackets and sports clothing in all types and sizes, suitable for every age especially during Hanoi winter.

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