Best street food in Danang

Best street food in Danang

Sweet soup

Blessed with not only beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, Danang also has such unique cuisine which is made by the local people, thanks to favorable geography position. Danang street food plays an important role in reflecting the special gastronomy of people as well as the rhythm of life. cruise on mekong river

1. Sweet soup in Danang

Sweet soup

Sweet soup -source: internet

It is the time for winter’s food in when the cold winds are blowing into every street. On the busy streets of Nguyen Chi Thanh, Pasteur, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Dieu and Bach Dang are now appearing the sweet soup carts. Che bot loc (cassava), che dau do (red bean), che dau xanh (green bean), che dau ngu (kidney beans sweet soup), che khoai (taro), che troi nuoc (sticky rice cake and green pea paste) and che bap (corn) are some popular sweet soups. On winter days, it is a popular interest of the locals to enjoy these kinds of sweet soup, which are usually served smoky hot.

2. Vietnamese thick noodle soup

Vietnamese thick noodle soups

Vietnamese thick noodle soups -source: internet

Originally, only people in Danang City eat a bowl of Banh canh with chewy fried bread (xi quay). Looking quite like Japanese udon, Banh canh is thick Vietnamese noodle having the thickness of a chopstick, less or more. Noodle of Banh Canh can be made from rice, wheat or cassava while the broth can be cooked from fish, crab or pork. Take a spoon of soup, make it cooler and eat after that, people do not linger when enjoying Banh Canh.

Head for Madam Cam (54 Le Duan, Hai Chau District, Danang) or Madam Nga (193 Dong Da, Hai Chau District, Danang) to try the best Banh Canh.

Sizzling cake (banh xeo)

Sizzling cake

Sizzling cake -source: internet

These pancake restaurants are often crowded with a group of friends and family, who are really fond of the hot cake planes, especially in rainy days and cold weather. Actually, awaiting with fragrant and crunchy cakes while enjoying oil and mix sizzling sound as pouring on a hot pan is unforgettable experiences. In winter, to miss empty stomach and warm the cockles of people’s hearts, sizzling cake is best choice. Holidays Indochina

What makes this dish different from those of surrounding areas is the sauce, which is made with ground pork liver, peanut and seasoning. Moreover, this special sauce is also served together with the rice vermicelli with grilled pork, which is served in every restaurants selling sizzling cake.

The highly recommended Banh Xeo address in Danang City is Banh Xeo Ba Duong situated at K20/23Hoang Dieu Street.

Danang spicy snail (oc hut)

Danang spicy snail

Danang spicy snail -source: internet

To explore the flavor of Danang spicy snail for fresh wind night, walking on foot along Le Duan Street or Han River is fantastic idea. You will not definitely conceal your craving for this mouthwatering street food. Although there are many types of escagots cooked in different styles, small escagots processed with chili and lemongrass is the most popular.

Take a snail and suck the smaller end of the shell before sucking the opening, because of small shape, Danang locals also enjoy in an individual way. However, a toothpick is used to solve this problem if you cannot take it out and heat your lip owing to spiciness. That is reason why Danang spicy snail is named oc hut. The most famous restaurant selling various types of snails is Kieu Kieu restaurant.

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