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Carnaval Ha Long 2013 what’s new?

Innovation, but still have to keep the “brand” of Carnaval Ha Long. So innovation that will be shown how at the end of April this – time routine annual festival takes place vibrant and most impressive of cruise halong bay
“Colors of Halong … ”
In a press conference on 9-4-2013, Mr. Vu Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman, Head of organizing programs emphasize Carnval 2013, 2013 Carnaval Ha Long has 4 new points. The main innovations is to promote strong, good side to overcome the limitations of previous 6 Carnaval season. Compared to Carnaval 2012, Carnaval this year entirely internal use in the province. This is shown by the Quang Ninh care initiative all stages, from the construction program, script, director and decorate parade float model … Besides, instead of Carnaval held at regional locations Chay old ferry every year, this year, Carnaval will be moved to the new location Hoang Quoc Vietnam, Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City stands Specialized has a capacity of 10,000 seats, up from 3,000 in 2012. The new location will not only create open space, ensuring the safety of visitors and actors in the festival, but also expand the space Ha Long tourism. “Carnaval 2013 focused on mining colorful cultural regions, traditional culture of ethnic groups living in Quang Ninh. Thereby, Quang Ninh cultures to give to friends in the country, an international clearer “- Mr. Ha Quang Long, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said.

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Carnaval halong 2012

Another new addition for this year’s Carnaval will not be held in Quang Ninh Tourism Week which activities to propaganda, promotion will be held throughout April with the many events on the basis of social of the full cost. Each unit, local festival participants are part of the province-specific. Such as: Ha Long city lo entire crowd was used exclusively for the festival, the car model instead of the organizers to hire or purchase of the event as in previous years, this year, each units will participate in the design, decorate and bring to “contribute” to the festival. According to the organizers, along with Carnaval, on this occasion, there are other activities organized by 100% of the social capital such as beach volleyball Prize at the International Tourism Tuan Chau Au Lac Company Limited by organizations, travel trade fair and food booths attracted 160 of the registered enterprises … With the theme: “Colors of Quang Ninh – Convergence and spillovers”, Carnaval will take place during 100 minutes with 2 parts on stage and in the streets, in which, for the duration of 55 street festival minutes with the participation of more than 5,000 cast in the province, a professional actor, model, residents and visitors with exciting repertoire and attractive. Besides, will parade float model 6 with topics such as: Legend wonders, festive colors and “burnt stones”, island tourism, Explore colors, Yen Tu non sacred, Convergence and spread. raise brand value   in 2007, after nearly 10 years of “faithful” to the tourism festival is purely theatrical chemical, Quang Ninh Province has decided to replace with a street festival tourism vibrant, full of color called “Carnaval Ha Long 2007” with the theme “Ha Long magical night.” First unveiled, Carnaval Ha Long.

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