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Mach Lung Temple Festival

Mach Lung Temple Festival

The festival of Lung Mach temple is annually held within 3 days from 10th to 12th February (lunar calendar) at Dai Mach commune, Dong Anh district, Mach Lung Temple that is a historic relic worshipping three heroes under 18th King Hung. The temple worships three Kings in the King Hung XVIII: Minh Lao Hung Dai

Vietnamese Fried Rice

Vietnamese Fried Rice

Eighty-two percent of the arable land in Vietnam grows rice and the country serves as the leading rice producer and exporter in the world, according to 2010 data from the International Rice Research Institute. Fried rice dishes include everything from pork — a dish known as com chien — to chicken or tofu. Regardless of

Vietnamese Seafood Pho recipe

Vietnamese Seafood Pho recipe

The most specific dish for Vietnam Pho Recipes is Seafood Pho, which is the traditional food and. When talking about Pho, everyone also think about Chicken Pho, and Beef Pho, but no one think that Pho can combine with seafood. Still using the specific flavor of Pho Recipes, the broth of seafood Pho is processed

Ruốc lỗ Hoanh Bo – Halong food

Ruốc lỗ Hoanh Bo - Halong food

Ruốc lỗ in Hoanh Bo is boiled with guava leaves or “chùn mũn” leaves that are wild trees in forest. Ruốc lỗ Hoanh Bo owns sweet and fragrant flavor. Ruốc lỗ Hoanh Bo is very delicious and popular. Visiting Ha Long, you will have chance to enjoy delicacies as Ruốc lỗ Ha Long. Ruốc lỗ

Thap Cuu Tien Cong Temple festival

Thap Cuu Tien Cong Temple festival

Place: At Thap Cuu Tien Cong Temple (Temple of the 19 Founding Fathers) in Cam La Commune on Ha Nam Island, Yen Hung District. Time: Every year, the village starts the festivities on the seventh day of the first lunar month. Significance: In commemorating the 19 founding fathers who built dykes, and created the island of

Prince Junk – Halong Bay in Vietnam

Prince Junk - Halong Bay

The Prince Junk Halong Bay was designed base on the concept of traditional sailing boats in Halong Bay, only on a slightly smaller scale with either 2 or 4 cabins. Even though Prince Junk in Halong is built in traditional style but Prince Junk in Ha Long Bay offers the best of luxury and modern

Halong Dragon Cruise Deluxe, the best tour to discover Halong Bay

Halong Dragon Cruise

Discovering and enjoying the 7th world wonder of nature is always one of things that many tourists want to try in their travels. When traveling in Halong bay, you should book Halong Dragon Cruise which offers the best tours around the “descending dragon” with the comfort and the luxury of its cruises and give you

Join a Halong Bay boat trip to discover the daily life of local fishermen

A peaceful Ha Long Fishing Village

Tourists to Halong Bay, Vietnam will not only a great chance to contemplate the natural beauty, enjoy the fresh air as well as the pleasant weather but also participate in a Halong Bay boat trip to discover the daily life of local fishermen in Halong Bay. Along with kayak, boat trip has recently become a

Dragon Pearl Junk, a relaxing, romantic and memorable cruise

Dragon Pearl Junk

For those of you who are intending to travel to Halong Bay and want to explore the beauty, splendor and mystery of this destination, you should choose Dragon Pearl Junk for your journey. Different from other cruises, Dragon Pearl Junk will take you to visit magnificent Bai Tu Long Bay with lunch on beach or

Bach Dang Festival – Halong bay

Bach Dang Festival - Halong bay

Bach Dang Festival is a traditional festival held yearly on the eighth day of the forth lunar month. The festival takes place in Tran Hung Dao Temple and Vua Ba Temple (Female King Temple) in Yen Hung District, Quang Ninh Province. Bach Dang Festival celebrates glorious victories against foreign invaders on Bach Dang River and