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Cong Dam Area

Cong Dam Area

The magnificent beauty of mountains and sea can make anyone fall in love when they come to Cong Dam Area.

This outdoor geological museum has been preserved for 340 million years, the most outstanding area is a regional park with mountains formed from rocks.

Here a lot of coral reefs are concentrated, with underground lakes inside the limestone mountain and underwater caves. It is also an area of many large beaches with white, smooth sand and clear, blue waters, such as Tra Gioi, Cay Bang and Cat Oan beaches.

Cong Dam Area

Cong Dam Area

Cong Dam is an old, small village, which has retained largely in tact its traditional fishing culture with a population of about 120 people. Talk with local people, hear them tell tales of their memorable lives or sit in bamboo boats paddled by local woman who will take you to explore the magnificent mountains and beautiful small houses.

Far from the mainland, Cong Dam area is isolated from normal tourist routes so the landscape here still retains many primitive features and a very fresh environment. Tourists come here to take park in interesting activities such as kayaking and fishing with fisherman, as well as participating in planting mangroves to protect the environment.

Both majestic beauty, just dreaming of the mountains, the sea captivates anyone to Cong Dam fishing village.
Here is the area outdoor geological museum that highlights the stones are arranged area with the mountains were formed from rocks stacked in straight lines but completely natural as hand human arrangements.
Being very much focused area of agricultural spare, reefs, lakes inside the limestone underground and underwater caves. This is also the area with great beaches, with white sand small, small smooth, blue water.

Unique visitors met at the tip is a small village, old retained almost intact the traditional cultural fishing villages. You will be satisfied when people talk to Cong Dam fishing village, listening to them talk about the memories of his life sitting on a river or canoe fishing village by beautiful girls brandishing paddle takes you to explore the majestic mountains, beautiful small houses.

As far land area and separate fully with the usual tourist route to the landscape here still retain many primitive features and a very clean environment. Foreign tourists come here to participate in fun activities such as kayak paddle, fishing and fishermen can also join us in planting mangroves to protect the environment

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