Cycling in the Old Quarter- the best way to explore Hanoi

Cycling in the Old Quarter- the best way to explore Hanoi

Ready to discover Hanoi by bike

There are many ways to explore Hanoi. If you’re an active person, the motorbike will give to you a strong feeling. But in the first time I sat my bike here, I felt fall in love immediately with Hanoi, especially The Old Quarter. And I realize discovering the ancient charm of the Old Quarter by riding a bike is the most amazing and interesting thing I never tried before. Travel to Hanoi with: Indochina Travel Vietnam

The first thing comes to my mind when I think about something related to riding a bike around the Old Quarter to recommend you is in the early morning. As you known before, Vietnam is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Hanoi is exception, of course.  Visiting Hanoi, especially in Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning, it is so lovely when you can both cycle your bike around lake and listen to the National Voice Radio of Vietnam. That will be great moment, right? Sometimes, while riding around, you can stop and are likely to catch some physical education activities with elderly here. Don’t to be shy! They are willing to welcome you to take part in together. If you’re a romantic person, let’s look for a long bench around lake, park your bike next to you and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the lake in the morning. Watching all the old Vietnamese people do tai chi is awesome! Instead of the noisy and bustling atmosphere about Hanoi you known before, it looks like a slow movie which is real and as lively as ever. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you can have chance to see the old turtles living in the lake, what is considered as the soul and the history of Hanoi. One thing you have to pay attention if you want to ride a bike in the Old Quarter is in the weekend, the walking street will be opened and all of the transportation will be not allowed around Sword lake, including bikes. Make sure that you will remember in order to explore Hanoi by bike.

The morning is the best time for cycling around Hoan Kiem Lake

The morning is the best time for cycling around Hoan Kiem Lake – source: internet

Mentioning about The Old Quarter, it will be your mistake if you don’t try some local foods. For some tourists, they tend to have their meals in the hotel because they’re afraid of the crazy traffic here. But it will be too different if you explore Hanoi’s cuisine by cycling. The Old Quarter is famous for 36 streets with the variety of drinks and foods. Each street has the own characteristic and that’s too wonderful if you can combine ride a bike, look at those old streets and taste the delicious foods. After cycling some rounds in Hoan Kiem Lake, let’s ride your bike to “Hang Giay” street to try “Phở Vui” (it means a happy noodle). Instead of sitting on a luxury restaurant with high chair, you will have chance to experience having a bowl of Pho on the plastic chair and a lot of people around you. That will be a noisy image to welcome a new day. north Vietnam travel

Enjoying Pho after cycling

Enjoying Pho after cycling – source: internet

Cycling around the Old Quarter, especially in the hot weather of summer, nothing is better than stopping for a cool drink or an ice cream in Trang Tien Street or parking your bike near sidewalk and enjoying a cold lemon tea in St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Someone said me that: “when you love a woman, you love her soul, and the Old Quarter is the soul of the beautiful women”. The Old Quarter not only has ancient charm but also romantic charm. You can’t ignore the image of it in a colorful beauty in the spring, a gentle beauty in the fall, and an arrogant beauty in the winter. Let’s treat Hanoi as you’re taking a loving care of a girl. By cycling will help you find out more about her.

Ready to discover Hanoi by bike

Ready to discover Hanoi by bike – source: internet

Cycling to discover the city is an exciting new experience. It is definitely convenient if you find out more about the local living style while cycling. Let’s imagine you can stop whenever you want, you can come to every little and pretty corners and when you tired, park your bike and order a cup of cool tea on the small chairs and look at people passing you. I don’t want to make you more curious about this. I want you have perspective and new look about Hanoi in general and the Old Quarter in personal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you really want to experience these interesting things.

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