Dalat in October: the charming heaven of flourishing wild sunflowers

Dalat in October: the charming heaven of flourishing wild sunflowers

Young nature and exploration lovers dipping into the yellow of wild
There is no doubt that the most ideal time to pass by Dalat is from October to November. It is the time that travelers have a chance to admire the glorious beauty of wild sunflowers flourishing along the streets of the vast plateaus. From a long time ago, romantic Dalat in October has been a wonderful destination to raise inspiration for many professional photographers, natural beauty hunters and the young exploration and nature lovers. For more information, you can click: centre vietnam tours packages

The charming beauty of wild sunflowers

The charming beauty of wild sunflowers -source: internet

Not only Central Highland but also mountainous areas in Northern as well are the well-known homes of wildflowers including wild sunflowers. Nevertheless, whenever to refer the charming season of wild sunflowers, the image of colorful Dalat is perhaps the first to appear in the mind.

That Dalat is covered with the yellow of blooming wild sunflowers acts as the reminder about the end of the rainy season and marks the promisingly coming time for both domestic and foreign tourist to be immersed in Dalat’s beauty, especially yellow world of beautiful wild sunflowers. Although the weather of Dalat in October is quietly chilly, the bright yellow of flourishing wild sunflowers along with the light sunlight all warm romantic DaLat and slow down the quick steps of travelers to enjoy the scene.

Young nature and exploration lovers dipping into the yellow of wild

Young nature and exploration lovers dipping into the yellow of wild -source: internet

Do you know when to admire the best beauty of this flower? The early morning is regarded as the best ideal time to see how beautiful the wild sunflowers are. Let’s image! When the winter sunlight just comes out and creates the sparkling dewdrops staying still on the leaves and petals of the wild sunflower trees. At that time, you maybe dip yourself into extremely romantic atmosphere of the clear and fresh morning.

Because the flowers grow up everywhere in Dalat, from inside the city on the pretty small villa to the roads, it is easy for tourists to catch the sight of the vast wild sunflower field just by their own motorcycle to travel across the roads, hillsides and small alleys in Dalat. Best indochina tours

Here are some the place suggestions for nature lovers and photographers to see the wild sunflower

Dalat – Van Thanh flower village – Ta Nung – Voi waterfall – Langbiang are the places that blooming wild sunflowers spread out two sides of the road. Moreover, visitors can reach some flower villages and Langbiang resort to admire the charming beauty of wild sunflower

Trai Mat to Cau Dat  in Xuan Truong Commue far from the capital of Dalat about 30 kilometers is also a wise choice that travelers should stop by.  Specially, gaining the feeling of adventure through travelling by motorbikes on winding mountainous paths, catching the vast and stunning terraced fields of tea and yellow wild sunflowers in a sunny day are which you can go through there.

The way from Dalat to Lien Khuong– Nam Ban – Ta Nung – Dalat which (about 100 kilometers) offers you the unforgettable experiences of wild sunflower filed overwhelming the mountain slopes.

Another suggestion is the long colorful passageway by wild sunflowers from Dalat – Cau Dat – D’ran – Don Duong – Chau Son- Phi Nom to Tu Tra. This way can bring an indescribable feeling when guests have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the yellow of the wild sunflower dotted for the green pine forests.

The wild sunflower in pine forest

The wild sunflower in pine forest -source: internet

Because the weather in Dalat in October is so sometimes cold; therefore, to avoid illness and destroy the exciting exploration trip, travellers should prepare some warm clothes, scarfs, gloves and etc. In addition, the mountainous roads are foggy at sunset, so you should make the careful schedule in order to ensure a safe journey.

Hope you will have memorable exploration days in Dalat in October!

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