Danang travel tips

Danang travel tips

My Khe beach
Like other people, when coming to Danang for the first, you might always wonder where to go, what to do, where to go, what to eat in this city and where to stay at night. How to have the best trip, but save time and money should be the most important question. If you want to have more information to plan a good trip, let’s check out Danang travel tips! You can see more: heritage line cruises to get more informationVisiting Danang before going to Hoian


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Thanks to its close proximity to Hue-3 hours North and Hoian– 30 minutes South, Danang – the third largest city in Vietnam, is an ideal stop point if you need a break from the touristy areas. With attractive beach front villas on the one side and Han River flows on the other, Danang is now growing into one of the most organized urban areas. How to go to Danang? For many travelers, Hue private car seems to be very reasonable, safe flexible and convenient. Therefore, to start a good trip, it should be the first choice.

Where to go?

Ba Na Hill

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In spite of the rapid growth, Danang is still one of the cleanest cities in Vietnam. Danang is an amazing tourist city with plenty of natural beauty spots such as Marble Mountains, Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na hills together with many amusement parks such as Bai Rang, Bai But, etc. Danang also constructed many extremely charming and unique bridges with architectural legend such as Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge, each of which owns a private character and is the fun, esplanade city sightseeing for any travelers coming to Danang.

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My Khe beach

My Khe beach- source: internet

Go to Ba Na hills at the first day if you have a 2-day stay in Danang. A spectacular underground amusement park carved into the mountain, featuring many types of rides and a park featuring a replica European castle located at the top of Ba Na hills are interesting places to visit. After your visit to Ba Na hills, let’s take a night to walk on the lovely bridges, dance or entertain in some clubs or bars near the Han River. The next day, you can explore some of the best tourist attractions in Danang city such as Cham Museum, My Khe beach and Linh Ung pagoda. After that, don’t miss a chance to take a boat trip cruising along the Han River to immerse in the very fresh air and admire the magic light of the city. To have a panoramic view of Danang City at night, let’s sit on the solar cycle of Sun wheel.

Where to stay?

Danang hotel

Danang hotel- source: internet

It is highly recommended to choose the riverside hotel if you want to visit the city, but still close to transportation centers. Danang coastal hotels, Gia Khanh motels: 245 Ho Nghinh (VND 200.000/day) are cheap, affordable, new, and prestigious. From both of the hotels, which are within walking distance of the Pham Van Dong and My Khe beach, you can just walk out of the Han River in 5 minutes. Stay at the luxury Muong Thanh, Alacate, Olalany hotel, Furama Resort, if you want to stay in luxury resort 5 star standard.

What to eat?

Bun cha ca

Bun cha ca- source: internet

Danang is a place for authentic local dishes. Residents’ lives take place the way they have been for years due to its low volume of travelers. In the market and along the Han River, many street vendors can be found. My Quang (Quang noodle), Banh trang thit heo, Banh xeo and Bun Cha ca are very special and delicious dishes well worth your try.

Continue your trip to Hoian with Danang to Hoian service after at least 2 days in Danang.

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