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Discover Hoa Binh, a wonderful place must visit in the North Vietnam

Whatever is the season of the year, Hoa Binh and the beauty in it most splendid, most subtle. The stop that you can not ignore in any journey back to Mai Chau, Hoa Binh is beautiful. Natural picture of Mai Chau are drawn between the grandeur of the wild mountains and hidden behind a beauty that is both gentle, mellow. Try to experience the feeling of fun to explore and Bat Cave painting panoramic view of Mai Chau to record special moments in this beautiful land. It is really a wonderful place must visit in the North Vietnam.


Mai Chau to not only to enjoy the charming scenery, but also can be immersed in the space of gong culture, wine, rice, barbecue. The national identity in Mai Chau has always been handed down and preserved to this day.

Ban Lac

Ban Lac – source:

Thung Nai, where mountains and rivers intersect forming a “Halong Bay”, unique even in the mountains. Sitting on the small boat, floating on the surface of the river where the clouds floating mountains, feel lost between earthly fairyland. Dictionary paddles, water, rustling of the forest… all blended together as forming the sound vibrant and attractive. You can also spend the night right on Coconut Island to enjoy wine, barbecue and campfire. Travel Indochina Vietnam

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh – source:

Hoa Binh also Da Bac caves with hundreds of stalactites with multiple blocks, types let themselves down from above like the veil of mystery. After exploring all the beauty of Da Bac action, do not forget to look at Kim Boi hot spring geyser with many minerals good for relaxing good for health.

Roasted pork, special dishes in Hoa Binh

Roasted pork, special dishes in Hoa Binh – source:

Da River today has become a stopover extremely interesting. You may struggle delight on the beautiful beaches on Lake Black River. Consistent peak seasons Bua beautiful cloud covered as a fanciful picture of the place will give you the feel of the place “Elysium”. There are some tips for your trip to Hoa Binh:

– In order to get Hoa Binh you can register return ticket between Hanoi – Hoa Binh in the tourist population automaker was rated quite good dust as vehicles Tuan Dung, Hoang Thao (2 Mai Chau car), car Manh Hung (Hanoi – Yen Thuy). All 3 automakers are derived from the My Dinh bus station.

– On arrival, the rental motorbike, motorcycle, boat or catch a cab to perform his journey of discovery.

– The central area of Hoa Binh include Chi Lang routes, Cu Chinh Lan, Tran Hung Dao… you can base on that or on his schedule that lease property for migration facilities. Note booked before arrival.

Hope you will find the best feeling in Hoa Binh.

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