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Discover Ke Ga nose, a place you must see in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Ke Ga nose

From Phan Thiet city about an hour drive by the machine, Ke Ga nose where there resist the lure for those who love the wild beauty and grandeur. Tours Indochina Vietnam

It’s not a popular destination for travelers of Ke Ga Vietnam for quite pristine and secluded, but many young backpacker prefer to feel the atmosphere here for peace and visit the lighthouse The oldest log Vietnam.

Ke Ga nose

Ke Ga nose – source:

A distinctive feature of Ke Ga is unique rocks to the sea is undulating. Indigenous people have long rocks simile as a rock garden. The name Ke Ga launched by the rocks that also encroached into the sea, and do not know what magic hand had accidentally arrange them into the shape looks almost like the chicken head.

Unique rocks in Ke Ga

Unique rocks in Ke Ga – source:

Ke Ga visit should not miss Cape Electrical located no more than 500m from shore. Lighthouse located on Cape Phone was designed by French engineer famous Chnavat and high lighthouse is the oldest in Southeast Asia. The lighthouse keepers people always ready to use a basket boat taking tourists to visit the lighthouse. Twilight, often indigenous people fishing inshore and coastal marketplace. Ke Ga been many visitors praised the strange seas can not miss. Vietnam travel tours

The stair in the lighthouse

The stair in the lighthouse – source:


Ke Ga, close to national highways 1A create favorable conditions for moving from any point of origin does. If traveling by bus or train, you are down to the bus station / station and then catch a taxi or Phan Thiet bus number 6 goes Ke Ga – Lagi

Go to Ke Ga by canoe

Go to Ke Ga by canoe – source:

Those in the south you can go to “dust” than by running the motor, from Ho Chi Minh City along Highway 1 Thuan Nam to town turn right in the direction away Ke Ga; or run National Highway 51 to Ba Ria-Vung Tau to turn highway 55 direction to Ke Ga Binh Chau.


The resort has a restaurant catering to diverse cuisines.

If you want to backpack, you can ask seafood buyers of the people in the fishing villages, rental tools and thanks to fresh water for processing, and organizing a party next to the sea, it is cheaper and rewarding experience small.

Fresh sea food in the morning market

Fresh sea food in the morning market – source:

Ham Thuan Nam is dragon fruit plantations and coconut lot, do not miss the opportunity to get fresh fruit and garden buy very cheap.

If you are looking for a place to unwind on the weekends, or somewhere quiet during the holidays, the longer hesitate without “backpack up and go” Ke Ga tourism now and always.

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