Discover Lang Biang Mountain

Discover Lang Biang Mountain

Climbing using rope

Situated in Lac Duong district, about 10 km far from Dalat city in the North, Lang Biang Mountain is an excellent location for both traditional culture lovers and ethnographers who want to know more about the ethnic culture of ethnic communities in the Southern Highlands. Dragon Pearl Junk Halong

To present day, to conquer the various peaks in the range Langbiang, you can choose to go trekking through the forest, walk along the asphalt road or go by jeep.

Going by jeep:

Go to Lang Biang by jeep

Go to Lang Biang by jeep-source:

Popularly chosen by people who want to conquer Radar, going by jeep is thought to be the best way to conquer the peak. This pretty quick way usually takes you up to 15 minutes to simply sit on the Jeep waiting to get access to the top of the mountain. In spite the good skills of car drivers, the fairly bending and steep road to Radar still makes visitors feel chilling and tightly cling to the car. Once reaching the top, it’s time to admire the stunning sceneries.

Walk along the asphalt road

Walking along the asphalt road

Walking along the asphalt road-source:

With only 10 thousand VND for resort entrance ticket, you can take this way. After that, to go to the top of Radar, all you need to do is just simply stick to the path the crookedly running jeep. If going fast, you will spend only approximately 2 hours going up or going down each 6km. However, this way is less chosen by visitors.



 It often takes you 3 or 4 hours to complete the trekking trip. Although similar to walking up to the mountain, rather than the asphalt road, you will follow the trail instead. This type has recently attracted so many tourists. During the tour, you will walk through wildflowers blooming everywhere, small murmuring streams, many giant trees and the jungle canopy. As conquering Ba Mountain, you can also explore the Biboup Park. Halong Bay VSpirit Junk cruise

Besides several extremely steep sections you have to grab on the rope to climb, the trails leading to Ong mount and Ba mount are not quite rugged and even perfect for trekking beginners. Recently, parachute and climbing using rope, which are two types of newly developed services in Lang Biang, strongly attract tourists here.

Climbing using rope:

Climbing using rope

Climbing using rope-source:

Joining in this service, first, you will be taken to the top of Radar mount by car and then, you will have an about 30 minute walk to the meeting place at Saddle Mount (Yen Ngua Mount -1950m high above the sea level). Upon arrival, you will receive the training of the techniques to climb on the cliff. Once becoming mastered, you will conquer the more than 30 m high cliff. This service will cost you 600,000 VND.



Parachute –

Except for using legs and jeeps, parachute, which first appeared in 2014, add an additional plan for you to opt for as you want to get down to the ground. You will be allowed to fly alone and you can unnecessarily be trained if you are a pro. If you are an amateur, you will sometimes fly with the pilot after receiving his instruction. To be taken from the top of the hill down towards the lake Dankia Radar all you need to do is to close your eyes and foot drop off into the space. It will cost you 600,000 VND / views / users for 15-20-minute flight.

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