Floating village in the morning
The magical hand of nature has created a lot of wonderful sights which are invaluable. There is a place in which mountains meet ocean, land meets sky. This place has been known as a symbol of Vietnam with a special name that is related to “Descending Dragon”, Halong Bay. There are a lot of things to talk about Ha Long Bay but one of the most important factors attracting tourists is the unique landscape here. Wherever you come from, whoever you are, you will certainly experience the same emotion and admire this wonder of stone and water. Welcome to Quangninh, a wonderful land in the northeast of Vietnam, you will not only be impressed by the friendly people here but also fall in love with the beauty of Ha Long Bay that is created by three factors: stone, water and sky. Specially, viewed in the morning, Ha Long Bay resembles a geographic work of art. Dragon Pearl cruise halong bay

  1. Peaceful scenery

Standing on the deck and climbing up the island in the morning, tourists will catch up Halong with peaceful beauty. Many a person often compares Halong beauty to a masterpiece in the morning. It’s cool and clean with sunrays reflecting from the sea’s surface. When the first light of a day lights up through mountains, Ha Long turns up with the surprising beauty. Watching the sun rising in Ha Long Bay is considered the most refreshing view to help tourists relax their mind and feel eager to start a day. If you visit Ha Long Bay in summer, you should get up early to enjoy this sight.

Peaceful scenery of Halong in the morning

Peaceful scenery of Halong in the morning -source: internet

  1. Fish village in Halong Bay

Most tourists visiting Halong in the morning are deeply impressed with the bustling in the fish village. When it is very soon to start a new day, the daily life has begun. Fish market in the early morning  is full with various kinds of seafood

Most of the fish is gathered from 4 a.m with numerous kinds of seafood. After the bustling scene of selling and buying, the market will be back to the tranquility as usual. Tourist can get up early to watch the romantic dawn in the beach with the loved one or buy seafood as gift for the family members. Halong bay cruise

Floating village in the morning

Floating village in the morning- source: internet

  1. Halong is more attractive with fog

It is true that in the morning, the bay will be more attractive when it is covered with fog. It’s really romantic with mysterious beauty. Early morning is a chance to experience the silent beauty of the bay. Specially, this is the best time for fisherman to catch fish. If you ask any fisherman, you will surely get the similar answer that he prefers the fog in the morning because it is a favorable occasion to catch squid.

A foggy morning in Halong

A foggy morning in Halong- source: internet

  1. Wandering Halong in the morning is an intriguing experience.

The progress of erosion by sea water has deeply engraved the stones and contributed to its fantastic beauty. However, you can hardly feel this beauty because of the crowd. Only in the early morning can you touch the true beauty of this place. Tourists can also come to the living space of a large number of valuable animals like bantams, monkeys lizards,… In addition, tourists can visits mangrove and tropical forest which are particularly rare.

Unique beauty in the morning

Unique beauty in the morning -source: internet

Halong Bay is a magical present that the nature has given to Vietnamese people. If you haven’t been to Halong Bay, it means you haven’t been to Vietnam because it is the small picture of Vietnam. The unique and marvelous scenery in Halong Bay is the pride of everybody not only in Quangninh but also in Vietnam. Let’s come to Halong Bay to enjoy this wonder of stone and water and great experience will always remain even when you leave this place.

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