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Enjoy fresh gourmet dishes in Ly Son island, Vietnam

Seaweed salad

Ly Son island you can not only admire the unspoiled natural scenery beautiful, but also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh gourmet dishes by processing people here. Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. Seaweed Salad

One of the specialties of the island of Ly Son, if one has enjoyed the past, quite unforgettable flavor of seaweed salad here. The full body seaweed stalks, low coral branches as branches, amid mixed green basil stalks, above, sprinkle with peanuts and clever little onion flavor olfactory stimulation.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad – source: baomoi.com

  1. Garlic salad
Ly Son garlic salad

Ly Son garlic salad – source: vnexpress.net

Ly Son Island is known as the kingdom of garlic, garlic plants outside Tuber also be processed into attractive salad. Ly Son garlic salad made from male relatives garlic, garlic spit up just taking the body, leaving the outer crust, steamed cleaned for nine and then mixed with spices, sprinkle little peanut is going to have salad pungent flavor of garlic is delicious. Travel to Vietnam

  1. Crab flat

Crab flat is also considered a specialty of Ly Son. Previously, the visitor to the island Baby want to eat crab flats not be easy because not catch them every day. They crawl up from the deep gorge after the rainstorm, there are many farming households have them, you can comfortably enjoy them anytime.

Crab flat

Crab flat – source: Jessie Vu

The crab that looks barren, wild but when grilled over fragrant smell. Remove the black shell fire, these citrus toned pale flesh exposed, put salt and chilli eating up to hear a sweet taste tasty.

  1. Ly Son Fried Fish

Ly Son fried fish made from red meat fresh roots clean, no chemicals, no preservatives. When the fish has brought ashore was the basis for processing purchase of rolls. Processing process entirely by hand.

Ly Son fried fish

Ly Son fried fish – source: dulichlyson.biz

It is crucial to make up fishcakes very Ly Son is not over marinated fresh fish stone. So Ly Son fried fish is not available year round, but only when the sun still calm sea, fishing boats carrying on the freshly baked rolls. If fish is not fresh, the fish cakes made with white roses will not beautiful, not fragrant, not chewy. In addition, another feature typical decision of Ly Son is fried fish with spice of Ly Son garlic. Fried fish workers in Ly Son has a principle: Only Ly Son garlic seasoning to marinate rolls.

  1. Porridge sea pinch

Echinus – also known as sea urchins or urchins rough shape, identical beam ugly thorns, often live from the dust clinging lily leaves around the island. Once caught, people duo echinus, remove the meat with salt lemon with potash, eaten raw when new fish out of the water or meat mixed with egg pinch salt distillation to eat.

Porridge sea pinch

Porridge sea pinch – source: lysonexplore.com

Someone pinch grilled meat with corn or um banana and banana trees premature. But, still the most delicious soup pinch, hot food, the taste of this dish very special, a little sweet, a little salty, mixed the fat.

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