Experience squid fishing trip on Halong Bay

Experience squid fishing trip on Halong Bay

Sightseeing on Halong Bay
Previously, to get experience night squid fishing, one must be very difficult and costly. But now, night squid fishing has become a service with a private tour and you can easily do that any day of the week (if favorable weather conditions). Squid fishing season usually ranges from April to July. This is the time to inshore squid to spawn. With only 300,000 VND ($ 15) – 500,000 VND ($ 25 ) / person that you had a 6 hour journey squid great night on Halong Bay cruises, has been a scenic bay, just to experience the feeling the squid are underwater hunt at night and also filled the uncle bowl of fresh squid, crispy, sweet, right on the sea.

Squid fishing night in Halong

Squid fishing night in Halong – source: internet

The crew of the cruise ship will install the lighting system of the water, you will be provided with a rod with fishing line and a starting nets to try their luck with sea water on the bay the night. If at the right season of the year, when there are so many levels in Halong Bay, you will have an evening of “bumper” and full of laughter.

Sightseeing on Halong Bay

Sightseeing on Halong Bay -source: internet

A little patience and a little luck will help visitors get the ink to question. But many visitors share, in addition to sentence level, experience sitting on the rail and watching the magical bays night, laughed dispel the silence of the sky and sea is also a very interesting experience in the practice the yacht overnight on Halong bay Paloma cruise.

Squids fairly easy and anyone can question it. Just drop a bunch of sentences into the water, the squid hunt will mistakenly believe that is the food, we will use the rewind grip the hook, then we will be unable to pin down is removed. When was the bait cartridge, you will feel slightly heavier fishing line at the top and then slowly pull up each time the cartridge is the squid to you will feel very happy.

Wonderful feeling to experience night squid fishing

Wonderful feeling to experience night squid fishing – source: internet

After the ink you can process them into favorite dishes at on board, fresh squid grilled on charcoal and enjoy the cold beer, nothing interesting by. It is also the most attractive specialties that everyone wants to carry on through the family as relatives.

Enjoy squid question right in the train

Squid fishing is a quite easy that anybody can do, simply drop down the sentence under the beam of water waiting for the squid bait. The ink go make supper will mistaken as food, tua will hang on the hook and was pinned tightly could not escape. When you will feel slightly heavy wire first then pull the cartridge up, luckily you will hook attaches to squid.

Enjoy grilled squid on Halong Bay

Enjoy grilled squid on Halong Bay- source: internet

The ink can be processed into instant quiche. You can bake them with charcoal at the ship and enjoy the cold beer. This is an activity that anyone appealing to Halong tours are also to discover once.

Experience the night squid fishing activities in Halong really very interesting . Guests will just be squid, just watching the magical Halong Bay at night, and the best part is being tasted fresh squid by hand his sentence at sea.

Squid fishing night

Squid fishing night- source: internet

Come and join the night squid fishing journey to get to this exciting experience . Certainly anyone who has once experienced this feeling will never be able to forget and many times would like to come back here to do so.

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