Floating village in Halong bay

Floating village in Halong Bay

Floating village in Halong Bay
Traditionally, every boat in the floating village is a separate household, although the raft, boat always serve more than one function It is a home, a vehicle, and a source of income Item thousands of visitors see the villages while traveling in Halong Bay; .. Unique traditional lifestyle of the villagers is a unique component of the Vietnamese identity. Halong Bay – World Natural Heritage is the destination of local and foreign tourists, traveling Halong on season, time travelers also see the beauty of a fascinating artistic heritage area is created by ice and water with majestic scenery, immense. Here you not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the clean atmosphere that was also traveling on the yacht, do the whalers, kayak, explore the interesting point between the sea and fishing on Treasure Junk halong bay

Halong Long Bay has a lot of poetic points to let go of the sentence as in the island of Ti-Top, outdoor Drain red, or even visit the fishing village, visit the fish cages side seat hook the bait drop down, how well you jerks are few notes Rabbitfish appetite. Fishing on Halong Bay, you don’t have to pay for the service, were enjoying the scenery dreaming of natural wonders.

The necessary supplies to go fishing in the sea Halong Bay:

Against seasickness (Let’s drink for 30-60 minutes) and 6 hours drink 1 times.
In addition to the sunny sea very irritated so if feel the signs of suffering heatstroke go to the ship to rest.

Cua Van Halong bay

Cua Van Halong Bay

Sunglasses will help a lot for you to not only protect your eyes but also helps you feel more gentle under the Sun.

Also you need to use a plastic pipe can be used for support need to plug 40 mm diameter rod, length 1 m
After the tomb of primer on depth you need to check the cost of property to disengage, mobil coils just enough stretch and wait when you coast sentences often stutters are enough fish, carp, vòn fish, mullet fishing, sand …

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Bait fishing dìa also diverse: With these people, they are often used for fishing bait sam liver, the hen, coffee Formalin. In particular, coffee Formalin (a crustacean similar to the substrate surface, roughly the size of your little finger) is considered the number 1, the purchase price is 2,000 VND / child. If the coffee began in Quang Yen Formalin (Yen Hung) is cheaper than coffee Formalin arrested in Hoanh Bo. In particular, coffee Formalin must survive, the stronger the new fish bait. These types are often preferred bait for fishing but the fish spread.  Fishing rods on the coastline you should use Carbon has khoen, weight 100-180 grams and from the 4 m – 5 m, the tomb of Odyssey use from over 4000, hook the cord axis, just type 0,4 mm to 0,5 mm. Lead antennae to need according to the level of waves and 100-150 grams of type should be used.

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