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Food in Halong bay

Steamed sticky rice with fried squid paste

Food in Halong bay – Tourists to Quang Ninh usually only know the information about the halong bay, the discovery of the cave and spent the night on the bay boat. Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh in particular and in general there are many specialties, salty flavor of the sea. Ha Long Bay Specialties food can be listed: Travel Halong bay

1. Steamed sticky rice with fried squid paste

Steamed glutinous rice is made from sticky rice being flavor and sticky. Fried squid paste is crispy, tough with a typical sweet and soft taste. To make the best dish, people will choose fresh squids which are caught in the sea area of Ha Long before removing their heads and skin. The food is cooked fast so you have to turn it over often. The best fried pasted squid will have a yellow cover with a delicious smell, and then take it out of the hot pan. The fried squid is the most delicious dish when dipped in pure fish sauce sprinkled pepper.
The pieces of steamed rice rolls are made so thin that minced meat, mushrooms, wood ear fungus can be visible, which steams with the flavor of salted shredded meat, onion.
Steamed sticky rice with fried squid paste. North Vietnam tours

Steamed sticky rice with fried squid paste

Steamed sticky rice with fried squid paste

2. Quang Yen Sam (Limulus)

Limulus is famous specialty in Halong. There are various special food can be made from limulus’s meat like “tiet canh sam” (limulus’s blood pudding), “goi sam” (fresh vegetable and lumilus rolls), “ chan sam xao chua ngot” (Stir-fried sweet and sour limulus’ legs), “Sam xao sa ot” (Stir-fried limulus with Lemongrass and Chili), Fried limulus’s eggs, steamed limulus,… The dishes from limulus meat are very delicious so visitors to Quang Ninh should not miss this specialy.
Location: Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province or the Limulus restaurant on the road on “25 Thang 4” Street (Bach Dang ward, Halong city).

Quang Yen Sam (Limulus)

Quang Yen Sam (Limulus)

3. Sa Sung

Sa sung is a kind of sea worn. It always lives in sea area of Quang Ninh, Hai phong, Con Dao ,.. It lives in deep hole, under sand, and its color is blow red. Sa Sung is a quite rare and expensive specialty (nearly 4,000,000 VND/kg). Dry Sa Sung is roasted, then turn into yellow when being ripe with a salty succulent flavor of the sea. Sa Sung is eaten with chili sauce, add the lettuce, herbs and beer.
Address: Sa Sung is only available at Quan Lan Island – Minh Chau 9 (Van Don, Quang Ninh). Food from “sa sung” is expensive and rare. Therefore, sometimes visitors can enjoy at big restaurants in Ha Long Bay.
Sa sung

4. Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine

Wine is made from special sticky rice of the locality. Tourist do not pound glutinous rice, just cook and incubate it. After the fermentation of rice, they soak it with fermented leaves from Hoanh Bo Forest, for a long time turning into wine. The wine is filtered out and put in jars or bottles to store for a long time. Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine tastes sweet and sour, that can stimulate digestion, used to drink very well, especially in summer


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