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Ha Long Tourism Experience

Halong Bay cruise is a destination you should go once in a lifetime. Because of the natural landscape is made ​​up of a naturally extremely magnificent. Often you will have to spend a decent budget to travel Halong. However, with some travel experience Halong my dust, you can get a tour of Ha Long with a moderate cost. Along with the points go like a cruise around Ha Long Bay, Bai Tho Mountain , market to trade in Hon Gai, Halong night market roam, scenic Halong Bai Chay Bridge, playing in resort Tuan Chau tourism.

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Ha Long Tourism ExperienceHaLong Bay approximately 177km from Hanoi, you can place Luong Yen Bus Station, My Dinh, Ha Long to start the car, there are many cars and run continuously throughout the day, about 4 hours driving, you can refer to a number of reputable garage in the North .

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If you only travel in Halong you can go for 2 days. In the morning the car started to Halong 1, so go early first trip around 7am. Around 11h30 you to turn down 3 in Bai Chay and catch you off taxi drivers go on Bai Chay tourist port. Lunch at one of the restaurants along the tourist port, the price is not too expensive where, you have to select the menu. Early afternoon a scenic harbor and buy tickets for trains running to ask Bay sightseeing. You will buy separate tickets and hire scenic own ship, because the ship ran transplantation should be priced from 100k – 150k / person. Vienn can ask the ticket or some such solitude, rest assured that we do not mind the price. If you go with a group or family, you should hire its own ships, the price range of 1500K – 1700k / 4 hour trip – 6 hours (the tourist season from May to August the price may be higher).

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There are 2 types of tickets visit Ha Long Bay day ticket which is 4 hours and 6 hours ticket. In the 4 hours that tickets visit sites such as Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go, Ga Choi Island, Gulf circling at close range. With 6 hours you will type: Hang Thien Cung, Ga Choi island, Titov beach, circling at a distance beyond the Gulf.

If you are not tired after bus trip from Hanoi to go hiking, you should Poem on the first afternoon, early morning day 2 of tickets to visit the Gulf with 6 hours (will be more). Afternoon day 2 catch bus to Hanoi. Bai Tho Mountain is a mountain located on Hon Gai area, adjacent to the coast near the Bai Chay. From the summit you can see the panorama of Halong City and a part of Halong Bay. The hotel is traveling tourist , not included in the tour more.

halong bay cruise

If you are a student, want to Halong with very low cost: you should spend the night at the inn near Long Tien Pagoda area (around the temple a few cheap motels, price range 150k / night / 2 people. Note that the quality of accommodation whiff). When to take a bus to Halong sure to keep Long Toong intersection, from falling into the temple 4 Long Tien around 15k motorbike. Eating near Long Tien Pagoda you can pitch opposite the cinema, in which 2 of delicious rice dust. If at the Hon Gai, then you should Poem mountain, near Long Tien Pagoda always. On one side there is the inconvenience to Bai Chay tourist area you will have to take the bus over to Bai Chay (10k fare / time), walking around all around 15-20 minutes.

Also houses near Long Tien Pagoda also very convenient for you to Quan Lan. So Long Tien Pagoda from the Hon Gai 400m, this is the boat to the island port Quan Lan , if you can Halong 1 night stay at the inn this area, the next morning boat trip to the island of Quan Lan.
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