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Halong Bay Cuisine & Foods

Cuisine of Halong is one of the most impressive things to tourists. For each type of seafood, Halong has its own process. Many specialties of Halong Bay have become famous brands, such as Halong squid sausage, Cai Rong fish sauce, etc.

Halong Squid Sausage

halong cha muc

This dish is attractive to not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists by the toughness, brittleness and the smell of squid. Fried squid when is just done, it is yellow, passionate fragrance. Squid is often served with roll rice or sticky rice.

Halong Bay Lobsters


Lobster is available in many places but if you go to Halong to enjoy it, you will have an unforgettable impression.
Lobsters have a variety of different weight, depending on the number of customers that the restaurant can serve. Lobsters can be processed into many dishes such as steamed lobster, fried lobster with salt, lobster salad, etc. Steamed lobster is the most popular dish because it keeps the full flavor of the sea. Lobsters are green when alive, turn to pink when steamed. Steamed lobster is decorated with onions and herbs, served with soy sauce or fish sauce. This dish is delicious and nutritious so it is commended as one of the best specialty in Halong bay.

Fried Sea Snails With Chili Sauce


To cook this dish, people wash snails, then put them in pot, add chili sauce and cook without adding water. Without adding cooking oil, they just sprinkle more shredded lime leaves on this dish. When completed, snails fried has passionate fragrant and fuming. Snails turn pink with red dots, yellow dots and look nice. This dish tastes greasy, spicy hot, usually added with herbs. When drinking beer, it would be great if snails are served with.

Hoanh Bo Soaked Rice Wine

The wine is filtered out and put in jars or bottles to store for a long time.Hoanh Bo soaked rice wine tastes sweet and sour, that can stimulate digestion, used to drink very well, especially in summer. This wine is easy to drink, gentle, only causes drunk when you drink too much. But when sobering up, people do not get a headache, can continue to work normally, still feel fine and want to drink more next time.
It would be interesting if you drink Hoanh Bo soaked rice while sailing on the bay and viewing corporeity landscape.

Halong Bay Oysters

halong oyster

The most delicious oysters are the ones living in brackish water. There are many ways of processing such as baking oysters, cooking with porridge but the best way is boiling or steaming because these ways can help maintain the nutrition and taste. To have a clean and delicious dish, firstly, they use a brush to clean the soil outside oyster’s cover and then soak oysters in water to clean the soil inside. Boiling oysters requires sophistication and dexterity. If the oyster is soaked in hot water too long, it will lose nutritional value and aesthetic. People often add lemongrass leaves when boiling oysters, boil them until air bubbles rise.

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