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Halong Bay Festival (P.3)

Tra Co Festival

tra co

Tra Co Communal House was built in 1511 with unique architectural style of the later Le Dynasty. The structure was dedicated to tutelary genies of the village. It’s a historical relic that is typical for village culture of Vietnam in feudal period. The communal house is now in well-condition.

Tra Co Festival is an occasion to memorize tutelary genies of the village and wish the best for the village.

At the beginning of Tra Co Festival is the ritual procession. After the procession, there are many fun activities for entertainment such as the fattest pig competition, cooking contest and dance. In the fattest pig competition, who own the fattest pig will won the first prize. The pigs joining the competition are called “Ong Voi” (Mr. Elephant). This traditional competition aims at encouraging breeding and agriculture. Besides, there is a cooking contest with the attendance of talented cooks in the village. Finally, the festival ends with a traditional dance which prays for peace and wealth to the village.

Yen Tu Festival


Yen Tu is a pagoda complex that comprises 11 pagodas and several accommodated structures (including hundreds of shrines and towers). This place used to be the center of Buddhism of Dai Viet (“Great Viet”, the former name of Vietnam under Ly Dynasty in 11th century). This is also the place that originated the Buddhist sect of Truc Lam. At the highest place is Dong Pagoda (nearly 1.100 meters above the sea level).

Yearly, thousands of visitors come to Yen Tu after Lunar New Year Festival to pray for lucks and health to themselves and their family in the New Year. They believe that if they can climb to the top of Yen Tu Mountain (Dong Pagoda), they will receive more good things in that year. Along the road to the peak, there is a airy and holy atmosphere of pagoda

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