Halong Bay in January

Halong Bay in January

what to bring

Even though often cold and dry, January in Halong Bay may not be the best time for going swimming, is certainly great time to take photos of the scenic landscape. tours on Indochina

Halong Bay weather in January

Halong Bay in January

Halong Bay in January -source: internet

January, which is in the middle of the winter, is the time when Halong Bay is still rather cold with the average temperature of around 17oC. The minimum temperature is around 14 degree and the maximum temperature is only 20 degree. The sun is on for shining for only 3 hours while there are 11 hours of daylight. Although the average rainfall is only 18mm/month and lasts for around 10 days in Halong, to shield from the cold and occasional rain, it is wise to bring a sweater and a coat.

  • Average hours of sunshine per day: 3
  • Average temperature: 17oC
  • Average sea Temperature: 21oC
  • Monthly rainfall: 18mm

The beauty of Halong Bay in January

January is certainly great time to take photos of the scenic landscape

January is certainly great time to take photos of the scenic landscape -source: internet

Travelling to Halong Bay in January, the end of winter, travelers will definitely have many exciting experiences. In spite of the short period of the sunny weather (only 3 hours in the total of 11 hours), Halong Bay still has its own awesome attractiveness. The weather of Halong Bay in January in particular and in winter in general creates such a unique beauty of Halong that cannot be found in any other seasons. Being gracefully granted by the Natural Mother like a special to compensate for limited green vegetation, Halong Bay, in some winter days, is covered by thin fog which creates exceptionally mysterious seascape.

Feel the charm of Halong in January

Feel the charm of Halong in January -source: internet

In the day time, moving slightly, fog creates such a really romantic setting. To feel the charm of Halong in the fog, visitors can stand on the sundeck or climb up to the island. Sometimes tourists can see only the top of the limestone mountain as fog is swooping down to the waterfront, all things accompanied like a gentle chiffon scarf. All islets look very subtle and vague in the early morning mist of Halong. It is also the best time to take many beautiful photos of Halong winter. In addition, you can also have an amazing opportunity to hear the simple sounds, watch the images of people’s daily life in colorful fishing villages at a winter day’s dawn. That sounds amazing!


As during Lunar New Year, many cruises will stop running, remember to check the calendar to see if your travel will coincide with this holiday, which takes place sometimes in late January and others in early February. Paradise cruise halong bay

What to bring

what to bring

what to bring -source: internet

. Warm clothes are necessary, especially waterproof trail shoes for climbing mountain and wind breaker for outside activities. Although during winter, the average temperature is from 10 – 20 degree Celsius, it is windy and some days can be much colder in the Bay. While being in the Bay, it is likely that you feel much colder than in mainland.

  1. As the air in winter in the North of Vietnam is not only cold but also very humid, your electronic devices can be affected. It is a must to bring moisture-proof bag for camera.
  2. Just in case it is too cold outside and you are not going out for activities, prepare with music, books and in-house games when relaxing on board. In some rainy days, the wet and cold outside might prevent you from taking part in exciting activities. Do not be sad but enjoy relaxing time inside with other fellow tourists.
Halong Bay kids

Halong Bay kids -source: internet

. Old warm clothes for kids in fishing village. You have a lot of old warm clothes that are not fit your kids anymore, you can take it here and hand to local children in these floating villages. They need it for winter continuously lasting 4-5 months in a row.

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