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Besides the favorite dishes in the summer around the world, CNN introduced the dish Bun Cha Hanoi Old Quarter as a culinary experience appeal to different customers.

The cool dish, usually sweet attractive option in the summer. But in some countries, the hot dishes are also very popular in hot weather. Below is a list of the most delicious dishes for the summer in all continents.

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Bun cha

Bun Cha is the perfect combination of two favorite dishes of summer: grilled meat and salad (pickles, raw vegetables). It especially attracts not only from the blister aromatic grilled on charcoal in the bowl but is imbued with tomato sauce, spicy, salty, sweet. Under the sweltering summer heat, drop stemmed white bun, soft, cool in the bowl of sauce will taste a unique experience unforgettable for anyone who has ever enjoyed.

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