Highly recommend certain activities on Coto Island

Highly recommend certain activities on Coto Island

Attractive camping sites for young people
Blue sea paradise of white sand not only in the central and the southern of Vietnam. In the north, Co To Island (Quang Ninh) also captures the charm of tourists by the pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue water.Travel to Coto with: Halong bay Pelican cruiseRelaxed walking on the road of love

A 2-mile brick road with the green trees in two sides and sea wave, the road of love is suitable for walking. The road with the landscape of green forest, the yellow color of sunshine, the red color of bricks creates a very romantic space for couples. Couples traveling to Coto Island cannot miss the opportunity to experience this romantic.

Romantic road which is suitable for couples

Romantic road which is suitable for couples – source: internet

Enjoy fresh mantis shrimp dish

Coto mantis shrimp is a famous specialty which brings taste of the sea that tourists cannot ignore.

Mantis shrimp with sweet flavor of the sea, different from the taste of giant tiger shimp or lobster. Other types of black tiger shrimp and lobster. Coto shrimp specialties are very rich in calcium, which is good for health. That is why any visitors to Coto island want to buy mantis shrimp as gifts for relatives and friends.

Enjoy sweet mantis shrimp on Coto island

Enjoy sweet mantis shrimp on Coto island -source: internet

Tourists going to Coto island in September or October will enjoy the most delicious mantis shrimp because this is the stage of prawns growing up big and quite fat. Mantis shrimp will be processed into various delicious dishes such as steamed, boiled, roasted salt or roasted shrimp…

Enjoy the steaming beer prawn on the beach with peaceful natural atmosphere, the sun and sea wind bring visitors a very interesting experience. Jasmine cruise halong

Camping and enjoy barbecue on the beach

Traveling Coto island cannot ignore sea camping activities. Enjoying barbecue, and eating seafood on the beach is an incredible experience. Coto island is famous for its Nam Hai beach with many attractive activities such as watching the moon.

Attractive camping sites for young people

Attractive camping sites for young people -source: internet

Enjoy romantic sunrise and sunset on the sea

Coto island is well-known for its beautiful landscape with awesome blue beaches and white sandy beaches, which are also ideal for sunrise. Van Chay beach considered to be a beautiful spot for sunrise in Coto island. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the romantic space with orange sunlight on the horizon. In the afternoon, the Hong Van beach turn romantic pink and purple sunset.

The sunrise scene on Coto Island

The sunrise scene on Coto Island- source: internet


In addition, visitors can go to the lighthouse to admire the romantic sunrise and sunset. It is also an ideal location for a panoramic view of the island.

Immerse yourself in the blue sea and stretched white sands

The beaches in Coto island are not crowded, noisy like other beaches. With the features of blue sea, which could see the bottom, and the endlessly stretching white sands making Coto island an ideal place to attract tourists for the summer.

The pristine beauty of Coto beach

The pristine beauty of Coto beach – source: internet

Being immersed in the clear blue water in the sunshine and enjoying the cool sea breeze are romantic experience in Coto island for visitors.

Wish visitors a happy summer in Coto island!

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