Honeymoon holidays in Halong

Honeymoon holidays in Halong

Experience the perfect love the people love on a romantic boat trip
Tourism honeymoon in Halong Bay, is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, famous destination for many foreign tourists, especially honeymoon couples. What’s cooler than when the couple’s explore Halong Bay on luxury  cruise, floating on the water and admire the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay, especially when sunrise or sunset.
Honeymoon on Halong Bay

Honeymoon on Halong Bay -source: internet

Couple floating on the bay along with personal space and dine, admire the immense water surface with undulating islands, hidden escape thoắt in blue waters. Yacht Bay can not ignore the feeling of sleeping on a boat and explore the bay at night Halong Bay is an unforgettable experience and can not be described in words, make sure you have the most amazing moments of Vacation his honeymoon .

Brought together flee: Experience the perfect love who love on a romantic boat trip

Experience the perfect love the people love on a romantic boat trip

Experience the perfect love the people love on a romantic boat trip -source: internet

Jointly explore Halong bay throughout the day, together to experience the different emotions on the deck, between immense immense sea and earth and sky from light at dawn, experiencing the sunset light in sunset and indulge in the night sky with thousands of brilliant stars.

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Sunrise over the Gulf – Together who love feel every breath, every beat of the scene the day floating on the waves 

Dawn on Halong Bay

Dawn on Halong Bay -source: internet

with the one you love You’ll get up early, gently slapping on her shoulder in a warm coat the cold of the night dew has not melted, both together enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck just catch the first rays of a new day in the Gulf. Feel each breath, each heartbeat day of scenery here, feel the breeze and taste downy also from the sea. Sucked in fresh air carrying the salty sea in the beauty of the bay and the dreamy chilly dawn.

Join the exciting activity

Join the exciting activity -source: internet

You will join their other half enjoy dinner on the deck, under the stars, candlelit and among the vast sea water, mixed with the sound of waves slapping, winds bring sea scent and melodic guitar sound. And nothing better than that.

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