How Much Will I Spend in Hanoi?

How Much Will I Spend in Hanoi?

Souvenirs in Hanoi

Thanks to the unique attractions in terms of nature, history or culture, not to mention cheap and diverse tourism services, Vietnam in general, and Hanoi in particular, are a promising land to the foreigner travelers. Basically, in exchange for mid-range tourism services, including transportations fees, meal fees, standard accommodation and other fees, the amount of money on average that has to be paid out of foreigners’ pocket is around $50 – $70. Hereunder are some tips and estimates for tight budget tourists to enjoy a cracking trip in Hanoi. For more information about Hanoi with: Halong bay Dragon Pearl cruise

The cost of traveling Hanoi is pretty cheap

The cost of traveling Hanoi is pretty cheap- source: internet

Compared to the Western World and some of South East Asia, the cost of traveling Hanoi is pretty cheap. Meanwhile Thailand hikes its prices due to the fast-developing tourism, the cost of living in Hanoi is still relatively low. Hanoi capital city of Vietnam is still much more traditional than Ho Chi Minh City in the South. Even though there are not a lot of must-see sites, the pleasant (though chaotic) city center makes up for that, with excellent food and drink at very reasonable prices.

Accommodation: Like other tourist destinations in the world, Hanoi has two main kinds of accommodation: luxurious and budget. In general, the budget hotel’s room price fluctuates around USD 25- 35 per night, meanwhile that of the luxurious is more various with the average rate higher than $60 per night. The price is much cheaper, roughly USD15 – 25 per night if you choose to stay at more modest accommodations like guesthouse and motels. Right in Hanoi Old Quarter, you can find most of the cheaper hotels, and in the nicer suburbs to the south and west, more up-market hotels tend to be located. They provide higher standards than you might have expected, and many hotels feature free wireless Internet in the lobby or even in all the rooms.

Hanoi top budget hotel

Hanoi top budget hotel- source: internet

Sightseeing tours: Your sightseeing budget goes a long way as attractions cost almost nothing by Western standards. You can get by on a tiny budget as long as you avoid an organized bus tour. The popular multi-day trips to Sapa and overnight trips to Halong Bay can greatly range in price, and though it is always a bit of a crapshoot, often the cheap versions are great.

Hanoi local food is extremely reasonable by most standards, with full meals in tourist restaurants often costing from US$2 to 3 each dish, with cold beer at an extra fee of around $1 each. Other kinds of alcohol are more expensive, but still cheaper than almost other places. With popular Vietnamese dishes, the price is pretty low at around $1 – 5 per dish, and it is certain that based on the rareness and availability of the cuisine, you will be charged higher if you want to try special foods of some specific destinations. Generally, average expense for the breakfast in Hanoi is more or less USD 3-4 per person, whilst main meals (lunch and dinner) is roughly USD 8 – 15 per person. Signature Cruises halong bay

Local food

Local food- source: internet

Transportation: There is many ways to travel in and around Hanoi. With the average price of VND 8,000-10,000 per km (USD 0.4 – 0.48 per km), taxis are the recommended transportation methods for international travelers. In case you know how to bargain and get the deal, motorbike taxi (Xe Om) with lower price around VND 6, 000-8,000 (USD 0.28-0.38) is another way. To get around this capital city, you have more options to pick up, namely train, buses and air. Train fare is from USD 5 – 60, based on the airlines and distances, domestic air fare is approximately USD 60-150 per flight, whilst bus fare is a little lower from $4 to $50.

Souvenirs in Hanoi

Souvenirs in Hanoi- source: internet

Other expenses: They are entrance fees to Hanoi’s tourist attractions, souvenir expense and other extra fees. Even though it is really hard to estimate the amount of money to spend on this dimension, souvenirs are just worth about $2 – $10 per object (depending on your bargaining talent) and the access fee to local attractions is normally less than 5 USD per person (except the high class playground).

The bottom line: You can get by in Hanoi for $25 a day with basic food and stay. Excluding return air ticket, a suggested budget for a 10 day trip in Hanoi is $600, at the minimum.

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