How to enjoy the best time to visit Co To

How to enjoy the best time to visit Co To

The very delicious sea food at Hong Van beach
Co To in Quang Ninh Province is one of the most beautiful sea areas in the North of Vietnam. Nowadays, Co To islands have turned into the famous tourism destinations with the tender, magnificient and wild beauty. Coming here, travelers will be surprised at Co To’s fascinated features, esscpecially the charming appearance of the sunrise and sunset here. Known as a favourite deastination for travelers but unlike others, Co To is not over crowded all the time, coming to Co To you will have very good chance to feel free to walk on the long white sand shore, immersing yourself in the blue fresh water, or simply you just lying on the beach, drinking Coconut water and watching the immense pristine sea view. And if you can manage to get here in Summer, the beauty of Co To is much more wondeful. For those who are planning a trip to this lovely island, the information about “How to enjoy the best time to visit Co To” absolutely is useful.
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beauty of the view of sunrice at Co To

beauty of the view of sunrice at Co To- source: internet

The beauty of Co To in Summer

When the summer come is the good time for trips with new experiences at new lands. There are a lot of beautiful deasitinations for your tips are waiting in Vietnam. But if you are the person who loce the beach, Co To is really worthy in the top of list for traveling you should take an attention. In summer, Co To becomes the most beautiful with the yellow sunshine and the long white sand  shores. This is the best time for you to feel free in the blue-fresh water of the sea here.

The beautiful beaches

Co To has many beautiful beaches, however the most beautiful ones are Van Chay and Hong Van. Van Chay become an favourite destination for many travelers to enjoy interesting entertainments such as swimming, or some water sports such. It has long smooth white and clear-beautiful sand shore. More interesting, you also can take a camping and sleeping here over night, abbsolutely this activity is one of the most interesting ecperience for you in the active summer at Co To.

The beauty of the beach of Van Chay of Co To

The beauty of the beach of Van Chay of Co To- source: internet

Hong Van is among the most beautiful ones of Co To and turn into a spot attracting traverlers to Co To. It has long sand shore and it’s waveless. The sea water is very clear, the sand shore is very smooth, and wide. Bedise the beach Hong Van, there is a pristine forest with so many precious trees, this is a good place travelers should be never omitted. At night, you can enjoy seafood party with fresh shrimps, cuttle fishes, snails in the reasonable price. Treasure Junk halong bay

The very delicious sea food at Hong Van beach

The very delicious sea food at Hong Van beach- source: internet

Watching the beauty of  sunrise and sunset

Travelers will be deeply impressed the beauty of Co To every time they have a chance to travel here. And if you  come here, you should take a chance to watch the sunset and sunrise. The beauty of sunrise at Co To is as the beauty of a young girl who has just waken up after a deep sleep but still dreaming. This is really a tender beauty but extremely fascinated. The sky and the sea surface from the dark blue-black color is transfering yellow. And from the horizon, sunlights is rising from the sea. Co To island is gradually getting up after a night sleep. When the sunrise come, you can walk or run on the shore and enjoy the fresh air, the light wind of the morning.

The beauty of the moring at Co To

The beauty of the moring at Co To- source: internet

With the sunset, the beauty of Co To appear in similar interest beside in a different way. At this time, the sun gos down, and the blue sky turn into yellow gradually. The last sunshines are reflecting twinkles on the surface of the sea. The glittering water on the sea appeals us so much.
With the peaceful beautiful beaches, Co To is is worthy a good tourism destination for all of you without caring about the crowded condition, esspecially with those who love the sea. And with the weather here, summer is the best time to travel here for your interesting activities. Hopping that, now you know How to enjoy the best time to visit Co To. Have a good trip to you!

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