how to get Cat Ba Island

How to get Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

Being isolated from the main land, Cat Ba Island, with the West facing to Hai Phong city, North East covered by Halong bay and the South facing to East Sea Ocean, is one of the biggest island in the north of Vietnam. Speed boat, junk boat, hydrofoil and ferry are the means of transport to get to Cat Ba Island. Tours in Indochina

Cat Ba Island

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Boat is the only way to get to Cat Ba. For those who are departing from Hanoi, get a bus-boat-bus ticket from Luong Yen bus station at 240,000 VND is the best bet. Being the main operator, Hoang Long has buses departing from Hanoi at 5.20.a.m, 7.20.a.m and 11.20.a.m daily. Before having a 25-minute ride on a hydrofoil followed by an hour in a bus at the other end, you will have an about 2.5-3-hour bus ride to Haiphong City. It is not a hard journey. If you are making your own way to the harbor from elsewhere, it costs you 150,000 VND for a hydrofoil ride and upon arrival at Phu Long Pier, you may hitch a ride on the bus into Cat Ba town. If not wanting to do so, negotiating with taxis or motorbike taxis is a must-do thing.


Bus to Cat Ba Island

Bus to Cat Ba Island- Source:

You can get a bus-boat-bus back at the same price by using the service of most hotels and tour operators on Cat Ba. On the return journey, they run from 6.a.m until 4.p.m.

Only when you are staying in Halong City, getting the ferry from Tuan Chau Island is advisable. You can see signs for some of the cruise operators, such as Bhaya, since you head along the highway into Halong City. Docking at Gia Luan Pier, the ferry normally costs 60,000 VND and takes 45 minutes. To go into Cat Ba town, you can take a taxi or go by bus. You can try and hitch a ride on a tourist bus or head back the bus from Cat Ba town which leaves at 08:00 from the square by the pier. At Tuan Chau, from May to the end of September ferries run at 7:30.a.m, 9.a.m, 11.30.a.m, 1:30.p.m and 3.p.m and return at 9.a.m, 11:30.a.m, 1.p.m, 3.p.m, 4.p.m daily. At the other times, they depart at 7:30.a.m, 11:30.a.m and 3.p.m and return at 9.a.m, 1.p.m and 4.p.m. Alova cruise Halong Bay

Ferry to Tuan Chau Pier

Ferry to Tuan Chau Pier- Source:

Another option is to combine traveling from A to B with a cruise of the bay and booking ticket onto a tourist boat from Halong City. They do not sell tickets to Cat Ba at the ticket office at Bai Chay Pier, therefore, buying from a tour operator is your only choice. Be wary since they may tell you that there is a 3.5 hour option available with 2.5 hours on a boat and an hour on bus from Gia Luan to Cat Ba town, in reality, it could take you totally 6.5 hours, consisting of some rather long stops for caving and kayaking, which are not included in your ticket. If you have time to spare to explore the bay, this route is highly recommended.

It is possible to go to Cat Ba by boat

It is possible to go to Cat Ba by boat- Source:

Most Western travelers choose Cat Ba Island as part of their few-day trip beginning and ending in Hanoi, now they do not have to worry about the way to get there at all.

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