How to get Sapa from Halong

How to get to Sapa from Halong

Bus from Hanoi to Sapa
Although Sapa is a one of the most favorite destinations in Vietnam, with no nearby airport, traveling by road or rail are the only option to get there. In spite of only 436 kilometers from Halong, whichever route you take, it is a time-consuming exercise. Thus, choose carefully! You can click: Dragon Pearl Junk halong to get more information about Halong1/ Car transfers

You can easily take advantage of private cars or vans available for rent from Hanoi.

2/ Shuttle bus between Hanoi and Sapa

From Hanoi to Sapa

From Hanoi to Sapa- source: internet

Normally, Ttis type of transfer is available to depart from Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Understood as tourist bus, the shuttle bus leaves Hanoi at around 6AM in the days of group tours. You will be picked up from the hotel if it is located in Hanoi Old Quarter. Otherwise, you will have to get to the meeting point by taxi. On shuttle bus – the Ford Transit minivan, there are maximum 14 people.

3/ Train to Sapa

How to get to the train station:

Train to Sapa

Train to Sapa- source: internet

Located at No 120 Le Duan Street, Hanoi Train Station is around 2 km from Hanoi Old Quarter. As walking might waste time, it is highly recommended to catch a taxi/motor taxi.

How to buy Sapa train ticket:

  • If you buy ticket directly on ticket booth, require Hanoi-Lao Cai Ticket. As the train with the number plate from SP1 to SP8 might be faster than LC1 to LC10, it is wise to choose it. Most of the trains are overnight train and depart in evening.
  • Book in advance: As Hanoi-Sapa is a bustle route, tickets can be quickly sold out. Book it in advance to make the trip continuous.

All trains have final destination in Lao Cai train station – about 60km away from Sapa town. Upon arrival, to go ahead, let’s catch any local buses having the signal: Lao Cai-Sapa. The nearest bus stop is in front of the gas station. To get to Sapa town, the local bus might take half an hour.

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4/ Local bus to Sapa

As bus departs directly to Sapa without stopping, it is popularly chosen by tourists. It is likely that all bus operators will make all efforts to operate bus according to published schedules. However, depending on local conditions, the travel route can change.

From Hanoi

Bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Bus from Hanoi to Sapa- source: internet

Firstly, you will reach one of these bus stations below:

  • My Dinh Bus Station: No 20 Pham Hung Street, about 10km far away from Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • Luong Yen Bus Station: No 3 Nguyen Khoai Street, about 2km away from Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • Gia Lam Bus station: No 9 Ngo Gia Kham Street, about 6km away from Hanoi Old Quarter.

Seek bus of Hung Thanh Bus Company when you arrive at the bus station. Seek it carefully as in the bus station, there would be many buses which looks like the same. Thanks to its comfortable and good service with sleeping seat, and the price of approximately 15 USD, this brand is highly recommended. Most buses depart at around 8PM. To arrive at SApa, traveling by this route takes you a night. Although it is possible to buy ticket in ticket booth, ticket can be sold out soon as it is a hustle route. Thus, it is the best choice to book in advance. Once getting your own bus ticket, you should get on the bus 30 minutes earlier. Choose the seat nearby the ground and the front if you have car sick. Also, take some plastic bag with you.

From Thai Nguyen

If going from Cao Bang or Ba Be National Park, you need to go to Thai Nguyen bus station to change to another bus. Thus, Thai Nguyen is an important transshipment point: Thai Nguyen – Thai Nguyen Bus Station (7PM) – Lao Cai (5AM- the following day) – Sapa.

  • At your hotel in Thai Nguyen(at around 6PM): You should take taxi or motor taxi to Thai Nguyen Bus Station on Luong Ngoc Quyen Street. Not only providing you with a helmet, a motor taxi rider also carries your luggage.
  • Once arriving at Thai Nguyen Bus Station, you will buy an overnight sleeping ticket to Lao Cai. Most buses depart at 7PM. Please note that although there are several buses leaving at the same time, they may have different destinations in Lao Cai.

Going directly to Lao Cai bus station, the bus will arrive at Lao Cat at 5AM the next day. Then, you will catch a local bus to reach Sapa. There are buses running every hour from 5h10 to 17h30 with the route: Lao Cai-Sapa. This bus ride takes you approximately 45 minutes.

From Halong Bay

Bus from Halong to Sapa

Bus from Halong to Sapa- source: internet

To travel from Halong Bay to Sapa, you can catch Phuc Xuyen sleeper bus. Every day, there are 4 buses running between these 2 destinations.

The first one leaves Halong (Bai Chay bus station) at 7AM and arrives at Lao Cai – Sapa at 7PM with the route: Halong – Haiphong – Hai Duong – Hanoi – Lao Cai.

The second one leaves Halong (Bai Chay bus station) at 6PM and arrives at Lao Cai – Sapa at 6AM the next day with the route: Halong – Haiphong – Hai Duong – Hanoi – Lao Cai.

Bus from Quang Ninh to Lao CaiBus from Quang Ninh to Lao Cai

Bus from Quang Ninh to Lao Cai- source: internet

The third one leaves Cam Hai bus station, Quang Ninh at 11AM with the route: Mong Duong – Cam Pha – Halong – Dong Trieu – Sao Do – Bac Ninh – Noi Bai – Lao Cai (Sapa).

The last one leaves Mong Cai at 5PM with the route: Mong Cai – Mong Duong – Cam Pha – Halong – Dong Trieu – Sao Do – Bac Ninh – Noi Bai – Lao Cai (Sapa).

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