Lang Co- an impressive beauty in Vietnam

Lang Co- an impressive beauty in Vietnam

Lang Co Bay seen from above

If having chance to travel Hue- Hoi An- Da Nang, you should spend some days to visit and relax on the beach. If not, it will be a pity. There are many attractive destinations such as bays and beaches in the Central of Vietnam which have a wild, unique and chastity beauty. One of the most popular arrivals in this area is Lang Co Bay, which is named as the heaven of beach in Central. Alova Gold cruise halong bay

Lang Co Bay, which is located in Hue, is between two pass roads Phu Gia and Hai Van. From Da Nang or Hue, tourists can move to Lang Co quickly and easily. Having looking over, you will be surprised and attracted by the poetic and picturesque landscapes here.

Lang Co Bay seen from above

Lang Co Bay seen from above -source: internet

The coastline of Lang Co Bay reaches 10,000 meters. Therefore, this bay is usually called a soft ribbon which has serene and natural curve. This is the reason why many visitors consider Lang Co Bay as the heaven of beach. The beach in Lang Co is turquoise uniquely. The temperature is about 25 degree celsius. In the summer, the water is not very hot but cool and comfortable. In contrast, in winter, the water is not really cold. It is quite warm enough for you to go swimming.

One thing you have to remember is that the beach in Lang Co Bay is quite noisy, especially in the bad weather. Therefore, when going swimming in such situation, you need to pay attention to your security. If you aren’t good at swimming, you should wear life jacket.

The impressive beauty of Lang Co

The impressive beauty of Lang Co -source: internet

The white sandbank which lasts endlessly can be an ideal destination for you to go for a walk or play some interesting game such as volleyball, football and so on. Having biodiversity and the beautiful landscapes, Lang Co Bay has become the inspiration for many tourists to take photos and for artists to make the pieces of art. In each of view, Lang Co also has its own uniqueness. Dragon Pearl Junk halong bay

The beauty of Lang Co in sunshine

The beauty of Lang Co in sunshine -source: internet

If you want to visit Lang Co for not only relaxing but also exploring the new things, you should travel to some neighboring small arrivals around which are also very beautiful and well-known such as Bach Ma national park, Son Tra peninsula, Lap An swamp and so on. All of these are attractive places of interest. Almost travelers visiting Lang Co Bay don’t miss these wonderful destinations.

In Lang Co and surrounding areas, the culinary, especially seafood are things which contribute to the uniqueness and attraction of these destinations. They will certainly bring visitors memorable experience in their journey. Among many famous and delicious dishes in Lang Co, the most popular dishes are grilled oyster, crab roll, steam king crabs, grilled lobster and so on. Almost every restaurants in Lang Co Bay serve these dishes with good taste and food safety. However, each of restaurants has its own typical savour. In particularly, the price of seafood here is not very expensive.

Grilled oyster- one of the most delicious dishes in Lang Co

Grilled oyster- one of the most delicious dishes in Lang Co -source: internet

After going swimming, playing on sandbank and traveling around Lang Co Bay, you shouldn’t forget to visit some markets in Lang Co district to understand more about the daily life of local people as well choose some interesting items as the meaningful presents for your family and friends.

Lang Co is a special destination which will put many good impressions in tourists. Although being in the changeable period in economics and tourism, it still remains the beautiful beach and landscapes. In other words, Lang Co Bay is always an attractive destinations in Hue which is considered as a wonderful choice for tourists for their holiday.

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