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Mach Lung Temple Festival

Mach Lung Temple Festival

The festival of Lung Mach temple is annually held within 3 days from 10th to 12th February (lunar calendar) at Dai Mach commune, Dong Anh district, Mach Lung Temple that is a historic relic worshipping three heroes under 18th King Hung.
The temple worships three Kings in the King Hung XVIII: Minh Lao Hung Dai Vuong, Minh Lao Hung Doan Dai Vuong and Minh Lao Hung Nghi Dai Vuong. Three people are good at history, geography and fengshui, so they are granted to be the generals and assigned to prevent the enemy from the sea and Red River. After receiving the mission, they chose Lung Trang to be the place to build general headquarters. Then he thought this is a good place and bring his mom from Hai Duong province to build the house and farm together with helping people in Lung Trang in agriculture. Then people love the three generals and the mother, so they build the temple. Travel to Vietnam
Through many historical ups and downs, the temples have still beautiful for its ancient vestiges. The architecture of the temple still preserves the patterns of the 17th and 18th centuries. The temple is still merely untouched with the Chinese character of book and three thrones and tablets in 19th century. With the historical and architectural values, Mach Lung temple is listed to be the national vestige in 1993.

According to ancient document of Mach Lung temple: Van Lang country had two brothers of the King named Hung Trang who got married with Soa Nuong. However, after 9 years, she still did not bear a child, she had to incense God in 4 constant years. Then, in one night, Soa Nuong dreamt of 3 dragons transformed into three sons. They all lived in Aquarium and agreed to reincarnate in Soa Nuong’s children. On August 14th, Nham Ty year, she gave birth three sons in a wrap and they were extraordinary geniuses. They grown up quickly and helped people control flood, drought, taught folk singing, learning, raising silkworms, etc. Three brothers were rewarded and knighted by the King. They stayed in the Mach Lung palace and built another palace for their mother Soa Nuong. They also totally won people’s praise. Moreover, they supported the King defeat foreign invaders and protect sovereign. Finally, they retransformed into dragons and disappeared on 13rd July. North Vietnam tours

The temple has been restored and expanded many times. The most known restoration is under Le Trung Hung dynasty with large scale and high art value. The temple’s architecture was designed as model of communal house with south- west doors and look out Red river.

During 3 days of festival, representatives of teams of production, peers and families one by one raise their offering for the incense-offering ceremony. To rich families, they prepare up to 5 big trays with pig head, sticky rice, chicken meat, areca nut, betel, rice flake cake, etc. and even poorest family show their sincere invocation with a dish of sticky rice and a piece of pork meat. All other great activities in every family are stopped for the festival.

The rite includes traditional rituals such as male offering, women offering, procession. The fest includes cultural activities: cock fighting, Chinese chess, Quan Ho singing, etc. attracting crowd of residents here and tourists.

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