Nighttime in Halong – a reason to visit this city

Nighttime in Halong – a reason to visit this city

Food served in Vietnamese restaurant
Besides the impressive landscape of almost 3,000 islands, it is the lively nightlife in Halong that is what travelers look for. Halong – the city seldom goes to sleep is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Jasmine cruise halong

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Even at the odd hours of the city, this charming city of Vietnam still beams with a wide range of interesting activities. All day long, especially at night, Halong offers local residents and travelers various kinds of fun and merriment. Here, you can easily find so many options of nightspots, which are well worth your visit. Of course, it is really worth mentioning the dazzling and happening Nightlife in Halong.

Bar and Pub in Halong

Funky bar in Halong

Funky bar in Halong- source: internet

When it comes to the Nightlife in Halong, it is impossible to miss out the pubs and bars there. In all the pubs and bars in Halong, you can have relaxing ambience to enjoy your favorite drinks. In these venues, you can try out a wide variety of Vietnamese as well as international beverages.

In Halong, most of the nightclubs remain open for people until very late hours. Attracting tourists for the excellent sound system and spacious dance floor, Halong’s nightclubs insurprisingly remain jammed with locals and travelers even at the wee hours of the day. The Saigon Halong Hotel is one of the deluxe hotels in Halong having an onsite nightclub.

Pub in Halong

Pub in Halong- source: internet

Restaurants in Halong

Halong’s cuisine is one of the best part of Vietnamese cuisine, which is worldwide famous for its exquisiteness. Therefore, no one leaves the Vietnam’s top tourism destination without sampling the stars of local cuisines with seafood dishes being the highlight. The Vietnamese regional culinary delights as well as international favorites in any of the restaurants in Halong can please customers of any kinds. Come there and get the scope to sample the mouthwatering and authentic food of Vietnam! To get more information, you can click: Tours on Indochina

Ngoc Linh Restaurant

Ngoc Linh Restaurant- source: internet

Restaurants in Halong City are not only abundant but also various in its number of stars. You are free to choose your own suitable restaurants ranging from moderately priced ones to top-end ones. However, don’t worry too much about the price. No matter what kind of restaurants you choose, you will have plenty of culinary choices that can make diners from all parts of the world satisfied.

Some of Halong Bay’s specialties you should not miss are:

Grilled chopped squid (Chả mực Hạ Long)

Halong Bay’s version of sausage, which is made from squid instead of pork as usual, grilled or fried chopped squid is the pride of Halong Bay’s cuisine. It is likely that nothing can beat a breakfast meal with squid sausage going along with sticky rice or Vietnamese steam rice rolls, fish sauce and pepper.

Sipunculus nudus (Sá Sùng)

Sá sùng

Sá sùng- source: internet

Sa Sung is a kind of sand worm that can only be found at Quan Lan – Minh Chau Island (Van Don District, Quang Ninh). As sa sung are precious and their price is so high, not many people, even Vietnamese have a chance to sample it. If you can afford it, let’s give it a try!

Halong Bay’s people cook Sa Sung into so many stunning dishes such as: boiled Sa Sung, Sa Sung deep fried with sesame seeds, Sa Sung fried with garlic spikes or lemongrass, Sa Sung stir fried with vegetables, etc. The best choice to enjoy Sa Sung is combining it with ketchup and beer. With just one bite, you can immediately find why the high price is well worth what it deserves.

Some of the most popular Restaurants and Bars in Halong are:

Food served in Vietnamese restaurant

Food served in Vietnamese restaurant- source: internet

  • Ngoc Linh Restaurant
  • Cafe Trung Nguyen Cong Doan Hotel
  • Karaoke
  • Queen Vosa
  • Le Coq Bar – Le Coq Hotel
  • Harmony Café

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