One Perfect Day: A Morning In Coto Island

One Perfect Day: A Morning In Coto Island

The poetic beauty of Coto’s road of love

A morning in Coto Island is special, especially when people can become one with nature and immerse themselves in the quiet yet charming atmosphere. Hit this pure place for the epic views in the early morning, when it’s an ideal time for an easy and refreshing walk to the beach. Don’t skip a beautiful sunrise view right here where the reddish sun slowly shows up from the horizon and starts to shine up the entire Coto with its incredible orange light beam.  You can ssIt’s not really an island, but exactly an archipelago lying in the Gulf of Tonkin, covering a huge Coto Island, the beautiful islands of Thanh Lan, Tran and countless others. Coto is now famous for owning so many attractive beaches and natural sceneries, from the stretch of smooth and white sand to the trees growing hundreds of feet tall lining around the coastal. In front of such a beauty, no wonder a large number of visitors travel here to view and take pictures of the forests, rocky bay, lighthouses, fishing villages and parks, or basically enjoy the cool air after a hard working period. Halong bay Jasmine cruise

Wake Up Early To Catch A Magical Sunrise

An incredibly beautiful sunset on Coto Island

An incredibly beautiful sunset on Coto Island- source: internet

Nothing is compared with the dawn in Coto Island, which is tinged with a delicate purple in the daylight. Arriving at Coto, visitors usually like to visit Cau My just because of that early pristine sunrise and the subtle charm of the seawater. Thus, don’t miss taking a picture of it when traveling here, where is indeed a paradise that is easy to touch every heart in love. Especially on a sunny day, Cau My stone reflects the amazingly beautiful blue sky while the silver waves keep clapping on the rocks around. I’m pretty sure that no matter where you enjoy the sunrise, there’s no place could make you easily amazed by the beauty that is gifted by the greatest nature.

Don’t look away from the dazziling foam when getting to the shore, and stand there for a while to contemplate the exotic shapes of rocks. Now set foot on those flat stones, then you’ll see how fancy and interesting they really are.

Get A Paranomic View From Lighthouse

Lighthouse, one of the most famous attractions in Coto Island

Lighthouse, one of the most famous attractions in Coto Island- source: internet

This marvelous view includes a distance about 101 meters above the sea, and visible from that distance is the lighthouse lying on the top of Coto Island. At this height, people have a chance to catch the amazing views of the whole islands, its wild beauty and tranquil beach. Amongst others, perhaps this is the only one lighthouse owning the best views from the mountain. Covering it is a clear blue ocean while far from it is the mainland surrounded by the winding mountain ranges. halong Dragon Pearl cruise

You need to climb the lighthouse and pass through the steep bends. Next, keep going up 72 stairs from the bottom up to the top of the lighthouse. From this position, you’re able to see the beach town mixed harmoniously with the greenish trees while the roofs are still humble but lovely.

Soak Yourself In Hong Van Beach

A tranquil view of Hong Van Beach at Coto Island

A tranquil view of Hong Van Beach at Coto Island- source: internet

Escape from the noise of rhythm of a stressful and busy life, you will find yourself immerse into such a beautiful picture of a region with blue water and white sand. Look no further than Hong Van beach – a nice and calm sea found in Hong Hai hamlet, Dong Tien Commune, Coto District. It’s one of the ideal tourist spots you can’t skip away when arriving at Coto Island. This place would bring you the real moments of relaxation after long hours of studying and working hard.

Hong Van beach is far away from other populated regions and easily recognized by its stretch of white sandy beaches, safe and tranquil sea. Right at the beach, you’ll come across a service region that mainly serves meals at the price of 150,000 VND per person. Also from here, it’s possible to hire a motorbike at a rate of 200,000 VND per day if you’d like the idea of getting around the place.

Ride Bike On Road of Love

The poetic beauty of Coto’s road of love

The poetic beauty of Coto’s road of love- source: internet

Anyone lives in Coto will know about the road of love, a green-lined path with more than 2km long located about 100m from the center of Coto. It’s usually paved with classic red bricks and stretching along the coastline, which is such a great place for couples to have their best wedding photos.

Come here with your love, and then stroll the sea or even have a BBQ on the island if you want to experience something different.

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