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Au Co Cruise – Luxury cruises in Halong Bay

Au Co Cruise is one of the most luxury cruises in Halong bay. The ship is a remarkable 55.29m in length and 10.43m in width. Each of our 32 spacious cabins has its own private balcony or terrace – allowing unparalleled private views of the surrounding seascape. The Au Co ship is setting new standards of

Paradise Peak – Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay

Paradise Peak is Paradise Cruises’ latest masterpiece, a sumptuous floating hotel that has redefined the boundaries of Five Star cruising by providing a supreme level of luxury to its prestigious passengers. In all aspects, Paradise Peak seems to mirror the splendor and majesty of the surrounding scenery offered by Halong bay. Paradise Peak does not only

Paradise Privilege – Luxury Cruise in Halong Bay

Paradise Privilege is an invitation for you to cruise around Halong bay onboard your own private luxury apartment. Our Paradise Privilege, boats have indeed been conceived to become your home while exploring the majestic limestone site. Designed to accommodate 6 to 8 people per boat in two Deluxe Cabins and one Master Suite, they also

Indochina Sails – Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay

Indochina Sails is one of the first companies specializing in luxury cruises in Halong Bay with more than 10 years of significant experience. Its 3 new cruises named Indochina Sails 1, Indochina Sails 2 and Indochina Sails 3 consecutively came into service from 2007, reassure its objectives of charm, comfort and perfect services and to

Princess Junk – Luxury cruises in Halong Bay

Belong to Indochina Junk company, the Prince and Princess cruises are designed to accommodate both the romantic getaway for honeymooners and the fun-filled atmosphere with all the amenities for family party or small private group. The modest size of these vessels allow the you to get much closer to Halong and Bai Tu Long natural

Thing to do in Halong Bay

Tai Chi Class The majority of vessels cruising in Halong Bay also organizes classes of Tai Chi Chuan (or Tai Chi), the art of meditation in motion. This famous Chinese gymnastics is practiced by many Vietnamese. An ultimate experience visitors might always dream of : getting up early amidst Halong bay and practice Tai Chi

Place to go in Halong Bay

Floating Village Apart from natural beauty, Halong bay is also home to four fishing villages in which Cua Van is the biggest with 176 houses and nearly 750 residents. The fishing village remain both tangible and intangible marine culture attracts a lot of travelers both domestic and international market. Cua Van fishing village situates 30

Cat Ba Island – Halong Tourism

History of Cat Ba Island Cat Ba is the largest of the 366 islands spanning 260km2 that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago, which makes up the southeastern edge of Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. Cat Ba island has a surface area of 285 km2 and maintains the dramatic and rugged features of Ha Long Bay. It is commonly

Halong Bay Festival (P.3)

Tra Co Festival Tra Co Communal House was built in 1511 with unique architectural style of the later Le Dynasty. The structure was dedicated to tutelary genies of the village. It’s a historical relic that is typical for village culture of Vietnam in feudal period. The communal house is now in well-condition. Tra Co Festival

Halong Bay Festivel (P.2)

Cua Ong Festival Cua Ong Temple is dedicated to Tran Quoc Tang, who was the 3rd son of Tran Hung Dao (lived in 13th century); and Tran Hung Dao’s brave generals, who had great success in fighting against the enemy. This is a historical relic built in Tran Dynasty and overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay.