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Explore Crazy House in Dalat

The excitement of tourists when exploring Crazy House

For many tourists, mentioning Dalat means mentioning to the peace and quietness because this city is very famous for natural beautiful landscapes such as Tuyen Lam Lake, Xuan Huong Lake, and so on. Moreover, for many recent years, there is a unique structure in Dalat which attracts a lot of tourists coming here. It called

Mu Cang Chai travel guide

The charming beauty of Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai, in Yen Bai province, which is a rural district lying at the root of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 300 km north of Hanoi, is unique and famous to all foreign travelers as the perfect place to admire famous rice terraces drying from green to gold in Vietnam just before

Budget Halong Bay junks

Phoenix cruise

You want to experience the best means to explore and enjoy the spectacular charm of Halong Bay in an economical way, then, budget Halong Bay cruises are the best choices. Let’ discover some of the best budget Halong Bay junks. Majestic Cruise Halong Bay – Experience the bay where the dragon descends into the sea

Chopsticks- the uniqueness of cuisine in Vietnam

How to use chopsticks in Vietnam

Vietnam is a peaceful country which is very famous for rice civilization. Moreover, this country has abundant marine resource from rivers, lakes and seas. In Vietnamese meals, people use chopsticks rather than knife or fork as in the West. Therefore, for many centuries, chopsticks have become the symbol in of the meals of Vietnamese people

Popular Halong Bay Cruise Routes

Popular Halong Bay Cruise routes

Located about 150km far from the capital city Hanoi, Halong Bay, which in the northeastern Vietnam partly encompassing the sea area of Halong City, Van Don Island district and Cam Pha ward is one of the best spots to explore in Vietnam. If you are planning to travel on Halong Bay cruise, let’s see some

Halong Bay in January

what to bring

Even though often cold and dry, January in Halong Bay may not be the best time for going swimming, is certainly great time to take photos of the scenic landscape. tours on Indochina Halong Bay weather in January January, which is in the middle of the winter, is the time when Halong Bay is still rather

Top beautiful destinations in Son Tra Peninsula

The romantic natural landscape in Tien Sa

Danang is a dynamic city with many unique beauties. For many years, it has become one of the most wonderful cities in Vietnam. It is very attractive for travelers because of many factors such as beautiful natural landscapes, typical structures, relics of history and hospitable local people. Therefore, it will be a good choice for

Seafood to buy in Halong


Exploring beautiful landscape of Halong Bay, you will easily see that this site always goes with its unique feature relating to food specialties. Therefore, once leaving the place, you should get these special things, which can remind you of every single minute that you have experienced there. In general, travelers visiting Halong Bay often buy

How to get Halong from Hanoi

Trong Mai islet in Halong

Halong is one of the World Natural Heritage, which has breath-taking beauty of nature attracting tourists from all over the world. Being 170km away from Hanoi capital, Halong Bay is easily accessible. Many travellers want to find information about how to get to Halong Bay, so we give you current means of transport to travel between

Enjoy Sau Chin in Hanoi in winter

Sau Chin with salt and chili is the famous dish in Hanoi in winter

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is considered as the heart of country which is very famous for beautiful landscapes, relics of history and natural places of interest. However, there are many other factors which make Hanoi become the pride of Vietnamese people such as its special fruits. Sau Chin is one of the