Phu Quoc’s cuisine evokes travelers’ curiosity

Phu Quoc’s cuisine evokes travelers’ curiosity

Grilled coi bien mai

Thanks to its magnificent beauty endowed by the Mother Nature with yellow sunlight, white sands and turquoise sea, Phu Quoc Island is greatly famous as a pearl island of the sea tourism of Vietnam. In addition, Phu Quoc also evokes travelers’ curiosity more by its stunning cuisine with seafood being the main ingredient. Alova Gold cruises halong

Seafood specialties in Phu Quoc

Raw sardine salad

Raw sardine salad

Raw sardine salad- source: internet

One of the most popular and favorite dishes of not only locals in Phu Quoc but also tourists coming here is raw sardine salad. Firstly, they cut fresh sardine into thin slices and then put them into lime juice. After that, sardine pieces will be served with shredded coconut meat, pepper, herbs, sliced onion, purple shallot and crushed peanuts. How to enjoy this dish? Diners should take all of these ingredients and wrap them in rice paper and dip it in a kind of special fish sauce made in Phu Quoc. Rose myrtle wine – a specialty of Phu Quoc is the best companion of this salad dish.

Visiting a random restaurant, you can find a portion of raw sardine salad costing you no more than VND 150,000 ($6.6) and being shared among two or three diners. Halong bay Jasmine cruise

Grilled abalone

Grilled abalone

Grilled abalone- source: internet

In spite of its really high price, grilled abalone, which is not only delicious but also healthy, is definitely well worth a try. With attractive smell and flavorful taste, grilled abalone can win the heart of even the pickiest eaters. Therefore, no one should miss this stunning dish. It is highly recommended to eat grilled abalone with sauce made from fresh fish sauce, chopped garlic and sliced ginger to enrich the taste. You will feel like harmonizing with the fresh taste of the pearl land Phu Quoc when enjoying grilled abalone.

Grilled Coi bien mai

Grilled coi bien mai

Grilled coi bien mai- source: internet

Though sea urchin might be hated for the ability to pink people when they are careless, this edible ocean gold has undoubtedly become a delicacy of Phu Quoc cuisine. Smelling and greasy, grilled sea urchin with green onion oil is what you would like to enjoy again and again. The sea urchin is cut into 2 parts and cleaned carefully after all of its thorns are cut and thrown out. Then they will grill it on charcoal before pouring green onion oil onto it. To enjoy the sea urchin meat, diners use spoons to take it out and add mixture of salt, lemon juice and black pepper onto its meat before eating.

Bitter bolete and seafood soup

As its name suggests, the wild mushrooms of bitter bolete has an extremely bitter taste, however, that unique flavor has lured many eaters. The bitter bolete harmoniously pairs with all kinds of Phu Quoc seafood (grilled barracuda or giant sword minnow), be it in sauteed with zucchini or soup. To give the dish of bitter boletes cooked with giant sword minnow or barracuda a richer and deeper flavor, an egg will be added up. Tourists will experience many flavor in one dish, from bitterness to sweetness and finally fattiness.

Because of its short life cycle: one week after the first rain and lasting 1 month until it makes another appearance next year, bitter bolete is described as easy come easy go. Therefore, if you want to try this bitter bolete and seafood soup, you should travel to Phu Quoc in May and July, which is the bitter bolete season.

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