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Place to go in Halong Bay

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Apart from natural beauty, Halong bay is also home to four fishing villages in which Cua Van is the biggest with 176 houses and nearly 750 residents. The fishing village remain both tangible and intangible marine culture attracts a lot of travelers both domestic and international market. Cua Van fishing village situates 30 km from Halong pier in the peaceful bay of Van Gia. Coming here guests can contemplate the scenery of boat anchoring in front of floating houses, warm smile of children whose skin is tanned by sunlight, join in some activities: rowing coracle, catching  fish, shrimp,,, and discover the daily life of these fishermen. Lan Ha Bay lan ha

Located in the  southeast of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is a part of the Cat Ba archipelago. This bay consists of about 400 islands and islets. It is smaller than the neighbor: Halong and Bai Tu Long but has its own charm which comes from its wildness. Lying in the east of Cat Ba island, Lan Ha Bay covers an area of over 7,000 hectares. Although Lan Ha bay is close to Halong bay and Cat Ba island which are always busy, it still preserve its tranquility and wildness. Lan Ha has hundreds small beaches of white sand scattering throughout the bay. Visitors could take a walk in forest or dive into transparent water discovering the colorful coral reefs. Lan Ha Bay has become a major destination for its untouched natural beauty.

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