Places to eat in Hue

Places to eat in Hue

Grilled pork roll

Given the endless stream of travelers Hue receives, it is no doubt that there is a wide selection of dining options available, with a good mix of authentic Vietnamese and Western dishes on offer. Indochina holidays

Le Loi Street



Although not being much for atmosphere, Banana Mango Restaurant on Le Loi gets thumbs up from regular customers for stunning dishes at reasonable prices, some of which are carefully designed to please Western palates. The brand new Risotto, which is located just round the corner on Nguyen Cong Tru, is where you can spend not too much to enjoy awesome Italian dishes and several generous glasses of decent wine in a lovely setting among a multitude of local street vendors. On the alley to the left, there is a stall that serves concentrated Vietnamese coffee for 5,000 VND a pop – an ideal destination for interviewing motorbike guides while there is a great bun bo Hue stall across the road and to the left of Risotto.

Banana Mango Restaurant

Banana Mango Restaurant-source:

Pham Ngu Lao Street

When it comes to drinking and eating, Pham Ngu Lao, which runs parallel to Side Street 66, just a block to the west, is the main drag on the south bank. DMZ Bar, which is on the corner with Le Loi, is one of the most favorite hangouts in the evenings. However, anything they serve in Little Italy is available here as well as they are under the same ownership. Moving back to its old location on Nguyen Thai Hoc, at the other end of Pham Ngu Lao, Little Italy continues to offer great Italian fare in country kitchen surroundings.

Little Italy

Little Italy-source:

Golden Rice, which is located in the middle of Pham Ngu Lao, is a small two-storey restaurant with a lot of character as well as a wide range of good, cheap Vietnamese cuisine. One of the restaurants that juggles a textbook-sized international menu traversing Italian, Vietnamese, French and comfort food as well as a grill, and somehow manages to pull off consistently awesome cuisine at reasonable prices is its next door neighbor of Ushi. mekong river cruise luxury

For those who want to Vietnamese and French pastries, as well as Western food, Mai Huong Patisserie, which is a small shop having a pleasant atmosphere, is an affordable and pleasant alternative to the bar scene in the evenings and one interesting thing is that they do not overcharge for drinks either. La Campania, which is a fancy looking restaurant and wine bar offering ambient dining in an ancient garden house themed setting, is also a great choice. Besides some superb local food, this restaurant also offers some awful Italian dishes, quite the opposite of La Carambole, an old stand-by in the Italian food category which is one of the most popular places on the block attracting travelers for awesome pizzas with the pleasant atmosphere and convenient location.



Opposite the turn off to Hoang Hoa, Grain Restaurant and Cafe on Le Loi, which has a Western/Vietnamese menu with a vast vegetarian section, are popular destinations for vegetarians. You can enjoy tacos, which come overloaded with a wide selection of beef or black bean at $2. It is also a great place to bring a crowd as they also do 10% off for groups. After learning it is owned by the same guy that runs the Stop and Go Café, you can expect the food to be excellent. Great food at reasonable prices.

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