Seafood to buy in Halong

Seafood to buy in Halong


Exploring beautiful landscape of Halong Bay, you will easily see that this site always goes with its unique feature relating to food specialties. Therefore, once leaving the place, you should get these special things, which can remind you of every single minute that you have experienced there.

In general, travelers visiting Halong Bay often buy two important things: seafood and souvenirs. Oyster, lobster, Quang Yen horseshoe crab, Cha Muc (squid pie), Sa Sung (dried sopuncuchlac) and Ca Muc (cuttlefish) are the typical seafood in Halong Bay.

Dried cuttlefish

Dried cuttlefish

Dried cuttlefish -source: internet

Smaller dried cuttlefish (each kilogram has 14-15 cuttlefish) costs approximately VND 500.000 ($22), medium dried cuttlefish (each kilogram has 8-9 cuttlefish, 20-25 centimeters in length) costs approximately VND 600.000 ($26) and large dried cuttlefish (each kilogram has 6-7 cuttlefish, 30-35 centimeters in length) costs roughly VND 700.000 ($30). Normally, delicious dried cuttlefish owns bright pink color and thick and straight trunk. Dried cuttlefish’s tail is thin and tight to the body while its head is attached to the body and beard remains. Indochina travel Myanmar

Sa Sung Kho (Dried Sopuncuchlac)

Dried sopuncuchlac

Dried sopuncuchlac -source: internet

Sa Sung ranging from 7 centimeters to 15 centimeters with a distinct aroma and thick quite white trunk is the best. Ranging from 4-5 million VND each kilogram, the price of the fried Sa Sung is 6-7 times more than fried cuttlefish.

Cha Muc (squid pie)

Squid pie

Squid pie -source: internet

Even though lobster is available in many places, lobster in Halong has unique flavor. When being processed into many dishes such as lobster salad, fried lobster with salt, steamed lobster, etc, lobsters are delicious and nutritious. As keeping the full flavor of the sea, steamed lobster is ranked as one of the most wonderful dishes. Green when alive, lobster will turn into pink when being steamed. Normally, steamed lobster is decorated with herbs and onions and served with fish sauce or soy sauce.



Oyster -source: internet

Even though oysters are available in some Vietnam’s coastal regions, oysters living in brackish water are the most delicious ones. It is possible to process oysters into a wide range of dishes; each of which has its own distinctive flavors: baked oysters, oysters cooked with porridge. However, to keep its nutrition and taste, the best dishes are boiled or steamed oyster. Firstly, the cook has to clean the soil outside oyster’s cover with a brush and then to clean the soil inside, soak oysters in water, the oyster processing stage is quite complicated. Also, boiling oysters requires dexterity and sophistication. The oyster will lose nutritional value and aesthetic if being soaked in hot water too long. When boiling oysters, people often add lemongrass leaves and cook until air bubbles rise. Paradise cruises

Quang Yen Horseshoe Crab

Quang Yen horseshoe crab

Quang Yen horseshoe crab- source: internet

From the gift of the sea- fresh and natural horseshoe crabs, people in the small bay of Quang Yen can create various stunning dishes such as: steamed horseshoe crab, deep fried horseshoe crabs’ eggs, horseshoe crab salad, etc and make this local delicacy famous among not only Vietnamese but also international tourists. At seaside restaurants in Halong city or in the town of Quang Yen, Quang Ninh province, travelers can enjoy dishes cooked from sea horseshoe crabs.

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