Simple life in Coto Island

Simple life in Coto Island

Locals prepare for pushing off in Coto island
Only about more than 1 hour on a speedboat from Cai Rong port in Quang Ninh, tourists can be amazed by the picturesque Coto island and the simple, peaceful life of locals there. Let’s discover how the daily life of the residents in this gorgeous place. To get more information, you can click: Halong bay VSpirit Junk cruise

More than 1 hour on a speedboat, tourists can reach Coto island

More than 1 hour on a speedboat, tourists can reach Coto island- source: internet

Granted to be the most charming island of the South is not exaggerating, Coto is endowed by the mother nature with immense white sandy shores, turquoise green water, and verdant jungles. The entire island is surrounded by jungles, mountains, and ocean that is the combination of the best place to relax and enjoy. Renting a motorbike and wandering around the island is the thing that tourists want to do so as to truly feel the refreshing atmosphere and get to know how locals are settling their lives here.

Locals prepare for pushing off in Coto island

Locals prepare for pushing off in Coto island- source: internet

People living in Coto island basically rely on fishing and farming to make ends meet. Thank the large catching area and a sufficient number of marine creatures with economic value, local residents here can maintain their rustic life day by day. Early morning seems to be the busiest time of people living here because it is a time when the majority of fish catching boats reach the shore. Everyone is in a hurry to unload the achievement after the entire night on the sea. These boxes of fresh marine spices are immediately brought to the local market to serve the customers.

Besides, these hard-working people also do the farming to support their family better. The entire island has about 1000 ha area available for planting food in the island. Locals will plant any kind of food that can survive on the island in order to supply their demand without having to import from landward. Indochina travel

Veggies are also planted on Coto island to supply domestic demands

Veggies are also planted on Coto island to supply domestic demands- source: internet

Additionally, animal raising is gradually popular on Coto island too. Pigs, chickens, ducks, etc are fed to become another source food for locals. This is also a reason why the food here is very clean and fresh that tourists do not have to worry about the quality. Normally, they will raise pigs and then make them food in order to maintain the freshness and cleanness besides reducing the fee of importing meat from landward too.

At the same time, fortunately, Coto is endowed with sufficient underground water to supply their daily need besides several artificial small lakes scattering around the island.

Coto locals are making their effort to better invest into tourism

Coto locals are making their effort to better invest into tourism- source: internet

Years ago, when the whole island residents had to live their life with candles, oil lamp or better was an electricity generator. Since then, the island is connected to the national electricity grid, the life on the island turns into a better chapter. Locals started to invest more into tourism by constructing hotels, offering travelers with better service and activities. Along with this, the government also encourage residents there to develop more and visitors to come and explore this new destination. Thanks to these changes, tourism has been becoming a great contributor to the economy of the island and improving people’s living condition there.

Pristine, mysterious and poetic is the words for Coto island, while hospitable, hardworking and straightforward describe how people at the island are. Plan your trip to this majestic place and emerge yourselves in the simple life, like a Coto local. If you visit Quanh Ninh without heading to Coto island, then it doesn’t count!

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