Some special dish in Halong you can not miss

Some special dish in Halong you can not miss

sticky rice with cha muc
When you travel Halong, not only see the beauty of nature but also you have chance enjoy the delicious food. Here are some specialties dish that travelers can not miss while traveling here.
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1. White sticky with “cha muc”
White sticky is made from freshly fragrant sticky rice, served with yellow pudding, and fish sauce sprinkled with delicious pepper. Price: Each item of white sticky rice dumplings or pancake rolls in the popular price range from 15,000 to 20,000 VND. Cha muc can also be bought on a scale of about 250,000 VND / kg.
sticky rice with cha muc

sticky rice with cha muc- source: internet

2. Pancake rolls with “cha muc”
Pancake rolls with mushrooms, ear mite, fragrant rice balls and onions, accompanied with specialties dish in Halong is “cha muc” Long squid make an unforgettable taste. Place of enjoyment: In Halong city, there are streets specializing in making squid stuffed with curry cake beside Bach Dang theater.
4. Ngan Food
Ngan is a bivalve mollusk like clam, which can be prepared in many ways: baking, steaming, cooking porridge, stirring with noodles or vegetables. Fainting can also be used as a wine. Alcohol has a very personal smell of the sea. Places to enjoy: Restaurants, eateries in Halong have dishes. Want to buy bored or wine bored, you can go to the road and Cai Dam market, Garden Dao will have a lot.

Ngan dish

Ngan dish- source: internet

5. Sa Sung dish
Wild geckos are also known as deep sand, a kind of seafood probably only in Halong. Fresh wok fried with garlic need to make delicious dishes. Sautras are dried, crumbly, roasted or roasted, crunchy, drunk to drink alcohol, especially to spice up the noodles. Stag beetle is quite rare, if the price is very high, a kilogram charged nearly 4 million.

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6.Sam dish
Another extremely attractive specialty of Halong Bay is sam, a species of crustacean. From the sea, you can prepare a variety of delicious and different dishes such as sam soup, sam salad, samo stir-fried with sweet and sour, sam samo with chili, crispy fried egg, Steamed rice dumplings, grilled sam cartridges, sauteed sausages … Where to enjoy: To enjoy delicious sam, visitors should go to Gieng Don or Cao Xanh.

sa sung dish

sa sung dish- source: internet

7. Gat Gu cake
How to make cakes nodded formally like the rolls. When dipping a piece of cake into a special sauce with a piece of shredded meat (marinated meat) is carefully marinated. Venue: The most famous gong cake is Tien Yen. However, in all areas of Halong, you can find this delicious and unique gourmet cake.

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