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Su Tu Bien Islet

Su Tu Bien Islet

On the canoe route to Thiên Cung – Ðầu Gỗ Grottoes in Halong bay cruise tour, one should visit Su Tu Bien or Sea Lion Islet, which is 10 minutes away from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

Amidst the vast seawaters of Ha Long, you recognize a high rock jutting from the sea, resembling a lion stretching. It attracts many French tourists because it was chosen as the background for the film L’Indochine produced by Paradis Film Company in 1992, with the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve playing a leading role.

The movie focuses on a love story between a beautiful French noble woman, her adopted daughter and anti-war French lieutenant during the first Indochinese War. The main character, a young Vietnamese girl, sacrifices her love and even leaves her adopted mother behind to join the harsh resistance war and fight for national independence. In the island, some settings are still preserved including the stone-paved road to the beach (often called the Slave Pier), the prisons, etc

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