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The special dishes of peoples in Sapa

Grilled pork

Sa Pa is not only famous land by beautiful natural scenery, the fresh cool climate, but also where there are dishes with bold flavors like some pork mountains, green vegetables … more special guests prefer. Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. Pigs of Sapa
  • Really drop rare wild in the forest because now the ball is still in some villages near the forest, but the forest alpine headlines, it’s quite rare too. With these standards, the specialty pork Sapa Muong perhaps even harder than the wild boar should.
Grilled pork

Grilled pork – source:

This dish can be called bush meat but not bush meat. In cold, taste meat of both the wild without ‘ sin ‘ kill wildlife, it was very wonderful. But perhaps just to be sitting between Sapa mountain clouds , the fire rose to the sky corn liquor with friends new display shows all the freshness of the forest in every meal accumulate this . My heart silently thank God predestined of land tonight.

  1. Salmon streams:
  • Sa Pa is not only famous land by beautiful natural scenery, the fresh cool climate, but also where there are dishes with bold flavors are more tourists especially preferred. First to mention fish from streams Muong Hoa, Muong Tien brings up selling market town. Spring fish are more kinds. Black fish shaped like fried fish, squinting, black mixed with moss rocks. Notably spring fish never tasted. In addition to including more fish flower, spring goby… Eating fish simply cooked on charcoal or grilled and served hot right through meal, fried crispy and fried with tomato sauce and curry powder spices, pepper powder on the tray was made ​​a delicious meal. North Vietnam travel tours
Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon – source:

  1. Sapa mushroom:
  • At the Sapa market any season, you are invited buy dried mushrooms, is the specialty of the mountainous in Sa Pa. At the restaurant, you can ask to eat mushrooms. Dried mushrooms soaked in water, will swell but it is still remain scent of mountain land, taste of forest trees. As a gourmet, you can request a restaurant to eat mushrooms foot. That body shredded mushrooms fried with meat , add some dried squid dotted and spices , then feast your target disk would have usurped the next class of watercress salad , chayote , mountain cabbage , cabbage , kohlrabi … have created your very own Sapa.
Natural mushroom

Natural mushroom – source:

As soon as the vegetables here are also being considered as fresh vegetables, for her children retain the traditional cultivation method.

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