Tips for travelling Quan Lan island you must know

Tips for travelling Quan Lan island you must know

The blue sky and white sand in Quan Lan island

Enjoying about a carefree holiday emerged in clear blue water and white sand and refreshing marine wind, yet fed up with those overcrowded and over-commercialised beaches? If your answer is yes, you should travel to the next destination for you- Quan Lan Island. Travel to Quan Lan  with: Tours on Indochina


Located in the majestic Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island was a commercial center that hosted the Old Van Don Trading Port, founded during the Ly Dynasty in Vietnam. Nowadays, the island has shifted into a tourism destination with lots of potential for travelers. No less beautiful than any famous beaches of the Southern Central or Southern Vietnam, the beaches on Quan Lan has their unblemished golden sand and crystal clear water. Actually, Quan Lan has its edges over other beautiful beaches for its relatively unhabited location, which makes it an peaceful unspoiled destination.

The blue sky and white sand in Quan Lan island

The blue sky and white sand in Quan Lan island- source: internet

Among the beaches of Quan Lan, the most pristine is the 2-km-long crescent Minh Chau Beach, whose waves are appropriate for water sport, especially kayaking and surfing. Beachfront restaurants and eateries offering beer and good seafood at economical prices are just a few steps from the water.

Aside from the sea and the sand, Quan Lan is also a destination of historical landmarks, especially pagodas and shrines, each is aged by the hundreds. In the northeast part of the island, there are the ruins of the old Van Don Port, one of the most major ports of Dai Viet Dynasty. The most important settlement on the island, Quan Lan Town, offers competent tourist services, ranging from guesthouses, hotels, restaurants to motorbikes and bicycles for rent.

How to get there

There are two options for you to travel to Quan Lan by boat.


You can take a bus in Gia Lam station, My Dinh station or drive from Hanoi to Van Don about 200km it take 4 hours and a half, the getting to Cai Rong port-2km from Van Don Post office.  From Cai Rong Port – you will take.

You can save money by using bus to travel

You can save money by using bus to travel- source: internet


You need to board boats from Cai Rong Harbour in Van Don Province.

A-Normal boat at 7 am and 1 pm every day in Quan Lan and Van Don. It takes 150 minutes to Quan Lan port. From Quan Lan port you can take a Tuk tuk to Quan Lan center just 10 minutes (3km). It is the best way to view Bai Tu Long bay. You can read books or take the sun. Normal boat price is about 60.000 VND per guest per a way. The Tuk tuk price is 15.000 VND per 1 guest and you can share the Tuk tuk with others. Mekong river boats

B-Speed boat: At 7 am, 1 pm in Quan Lan Island and 8 am, 2 pm in Van Don every day. It takes 45 minutes to Quan Lan port. The journey will take you about two and a half hours through the wonderful seascape dotted with giant islets and greenery islands of Bai Tu Long Bay. With speed boat you can save time. Speed boat price is about 120.000 VND per guest per a way.

Best time to visit

The best time to dive into the water of Quan Lan is during the period from May to October, when it is sunny and warm. This is also the time when most hotels and restaurants are open to service tourists. June and July are the most peak months as it is when Vietnamese often go on holiday. Prices may soar as families flock into this beautiful island. Travelling Quan Lan during spring and winter is available but the island is rather quiet and there are few activities and services available. Nevertheless, a day trip to Quan Lan, comprised in a tour to Bai Tu Long Bay, can still offer you a glimpse to the historical heritage and appreciation of the natural beauty of the island. Indeed, the clean steam floating on the sea in the cold weather is a special experience for anyone attempting to visit Quan Lan Island and Bai Tu Long Bay during winter or spring.

Thanks to the beauty of the fresh and clean atmosphere and stunning landscapes, Quan Lan Island really brings the flawlessness, the purity, and the immensity of the waters for those who once set foot in the pristine beautiful island.

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