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Top destinations must see in Moc Chau, Vietnam

Son Moc Huong

When mention to Moc Chau people tend to think of a cool highlands to the heavenly flower season, wide green tea hills of sight, the largest cattle ranch north and many scenic float language. Strip mining bib including the famous scenic spots that tourists can not miss while in beautiful Moc Chau Plateau. Tours Indochina in Vietnam

  1. Son Moc Huong

Son Moc Huong aka Moc Chau Bat cave – the name has become familiar to many travelers long ago when visiting Moc Chau, Son La. From the town of Moc Chau, vice uplink Son La town about 300m, Son Moc Huong Cave in the right-hand side of the mountain, about 150 meters from Highway 6.

Son Moc Huong

Son Moc Huong – source:

Entrance facing south overlooking the large valley, the large valley between original seven small mountain like seven jewels. From the mouth of the cave can be observed both Moc Chau town. Inside the structure is active emulsion, which makes you feel lost in a fairy world.

  1. Strip Flap Falls

Strip Flap Falls (aka She waterfall, waterfall The Classifieds) Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La. Legend has it that the reason falls band called bibs bibs by strip mining is the daughter saved a boy escape the floodwaters.

Strip Flap Falls

Strip Flap Falls – source:

Waterfall originates from 2 slots Bo and Bo Co Lam, flowing from the cave in the first place Classifieds. Water flowing from mountain streams forming Vặt waterfall about 5 km the confluence with Bo Sap flow streams bordering Vietnam – Laos. That confluence Yen Chau land flowing waterfalls formed. Travel to Vietnam

  1. Tea farm

There is a tea factory specializes in manufacturing for export and domestic demand in service. Moc Chau farm was established in 1958, with thousands of breeding dairy cows, the farm is home to the largest dairy in the country and is one of the largest tea growing center of the country.

Tea farm

Tea farm – source:

Tourists come here to admire the vast fields of raw materials, with the plum garden of white flowers.

  1. Long Luong, Van Ho

Zone Long Luong, Van Ho – Moc Chau is home to many ethnic Mongol, traffic to the convenient, allowing development of a number of cultural villages, ethnic festival food and cultural activities characterized by ethnic Mongolian. Represents the area of Ang Thai national identity. There is a clothes horse area and can sail in two forests at km 45 and Chieng Sai, where the Thai people – Moc Chau and Lao people have the same language.

Children in Long Luong, Van Ho

Children in Long Luong, Van Ho – source:

  1. Old pine hills

Take the 2 km of district roads, visitors can go to an old pine hills with beautiful views over the hills and lower bowl. It is very near the town, convenient transportation so well suited for this kind of camping, picnic. In the future there may be building a golf course is expected.

Old pine hills

Old pine hills – source:

These destinations you must see in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

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